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This section of our website is to provide infographic property investments for the global audience of property investors whom frequent our website. Property investing is one of the greatest opportunities to generate wealth on an industrious scale. FJP Investment is a UK based provider of UK and Overseas property investments. We introduce investors to wealth generation opportunities and work with our investors to ensure a succesfull venture is achieved.

Property is an amazing asset and we see no better opportunity than that of investing in the property market over the medium to long term. Property has long been regarded as the trophy asset of investors and this will continue for as long as we are interested in making money from investing activities. We are able to introduce you to property developers whom have an excellent track record in delivering quality for our investors over a very long period of time.


Hotel Room Investment Review

Hotel Room Investment

We have recently produced a new guide for hotel room investments, giving you comprehensive details about investing in this attractive alternative property asset.


Hotel room investment’s are one of the best decisions you can make.

It offers you several advantages over other investment opportunities. They enable you to diversify your income with a high return on investment. The hotel market is gaining popularity, with great opportunities domestically and abroad. What sets this investment apart from others is the passive source of income it generates. You enjoy stress free management since your hotel unit is fully managed and serviced. You only collect your revenue at the agreed time.

Go for the Luxury Hotel Market

Many people tend to choose 2 and 3 star hotels when they are making this important investment. Although they produce significant returns, the problem occurs when there is an economic downtown. Since they are budget hotels, any economic setback affects their business and as a result, there are minimal returns due to reduced clientele.

However, the luxury hotel market is rarely affected by economic downturns. This implies that its revenue remains stable throughout. As such, it is a more secure hotel investment compared to the budget 2 and 3 star hotels.

Hotel Room Investment Review

Hotel Room Investment Review

Attractive investment returns

When you invest in hotels, you are bound to realise huge returns. Additionally, there are minimal expenses. This is because most of the maintenance work is handled by an experienced team of professionals.

This is much better, compared to the minimal returns obtained from residential properties that mainly yield returns of around 5%. Property owners also have to deal with difficult tenants, looking for tenants, paperwork and other issues.

Strong growth in capital is another reason why you should consider hotel room investments. With a good location, your hotel investment will continue appreciating within a short period.

This is not the case with the property market, as it tends to stagnate. With the changing needs of travellers and the right branding, investing in hotels is the way to go.

Tax efficiency is a major benefit when it comes to investing in hotels. Since hotels are ranked in the same category as commercial properties, there are many tax-efficient opportunities available which means additional returns on your investment.

Investing in the hotel sector is easy, when you consider that a hotel is naturally divided by rooms and therefore making it simple and easy to register the title at the land registry and at the same time it is simple in terms of working out which room generated revenue for each individual investor. If you have the opportunity to purchase a hotel room, get the right location and you can do tremendously well over the medium term.

Simple and Straightforward

Investing in a hotel is easy and simple the moment you have identified the right investment. It is not like stocks, where there is nothing tangible; you are investing into already existing structures. This implies that your investment is based on tangible assets and is not paper based. Therefore, you have security and peace of mind.

Buy a hotel room

Buy a hotel room

You do not require a huge capital outlay to invest in the current hotel market. A full hotel room investment can cost you as little as £15,000. You do not require loans or mortgages.

Additionally, all the paperwork is processed and ready. You just make your investment and you are ready to start getting returns immediately. Once you have amassed enough profits, you can decide to opt out.

There are several exit strategies available. You can opt for a buy-back that is usually guaranteed, as long as your investment is over a certain period of time. With this arrangement, you will sell the property at a profit, on top of the returns you will have made during the period that you owned it. This makes it a worthy investment.

Selecting the Right Hotel Room Investment

Having made the decision about investing in hotels, the challenging part is identifying the right hotel that will give a high return on investment. This requires a specific skill set. There is a wide range of hotels to choose from, all offering investment opportunities.

Investing in a hotel room

Investing in a hotel room

You need to be careful in order to identify the right developer, the hotelier, and the location. These are all key attributes in determining your success with the hotel investment. However, you do not need to do this on your own.

There are experts who are specialised in this field. They will use their market skills to help you select a secure hotel investment. They will also help you identify a hotel with the safest and strongest income all year round, for a long time.

Bottom Line

There are many reasons why you should invest in hotels. Once you identify the right hotel to invest in, you are guaranteed a stable and secure income all year round. It is a secure form of investment with high returns. Professionals will help you every step of the way from identifying the right hotel and all the legal paperwork.

FJP Investment is a team of investment specialists sourcing a wide range of investment opportunities both in the UK and overseas, including hotel room investments.


Student Property Investment, Buy to Let – A Valuable Asset

Why are student property investments gaining in popularity? (Updated)

Britain’s universities are brimming with students from all over the world. Unlike students of yesteryears, students today are more likely to have cash to spare because their parents are usually of better wealth. Though we appreciate that this is not always the case, the rise in demand of students looking for accommodation that is close to their universities and is comfortable is on the rise. Since students have higher standards of living, they don’t mind paying higher rentals.

The number of first degree students is at the highest point in the last decade, sitting at a fraction over 550,000 new students. While the university residence halls can accommodate about a third of these students, mostly first years, the rest need to find their own accommodation. That means that nearly 70% of students will be on the lookout for living spaces, which means the market is big enough for us to look at as a potential destination for our investment funds.

Thai students in Edinburgh 'BBQ' party at Holyrood park, with three guests from Liverpool (not in the picture).

Thai students in Edinburgh BBQ party at Holyrood park

There is no shortage of students who wish to rent high quality accommodation. Top universities like Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh are naturally the most sought after universities. Therefore student buy to let investments in these areas give good returns, other university towns like Brighton and Birmingham are also good areas to invest in. As long as students are coming to these universities, there will be a demand for student accommodation.

We are finding that luxury student housing is showing no signs of slowing down, so much so we are seeing Universities looking rather like property developers.

If you wish to be a landlord in a student buy to let property, the obvious choice is to make a property investment in a University town. If the accommodation is furnished and has double bedrooms it is likely to be in demand year after year. Students no longer like to live in shabby accommodation but have clear cut demands, they prefer accommodation that has more than one bathroom if there are two bedrooms.

For a comprehensive break-down on how to invest in student property, check out our ultimate guide to investing in student property.

With a high demand for student property, there is a shortfall and so investing in property for the purpose of accommodating students means there is an opportunity to get good returns on your investment.

Higher education is a worldwide demand and universities in the UK offer some of the best courses. Towns near universities are therefore milling with students so student housing demand is high. Student, buy to let investments in almost all of the UK’s university towns yield high rentals along with capital appreciation, with the net asset value of student property up to 7.2% for 2018 across the UK. The more renowned the university, the more likely it is to have a huge student population and therefore the student buy-to-let market has a good chance to give you good returns on investment.

FJP Investment have always found the student property market to be a good starting point for when an investor in the property market. This area of the property market is supported by the fact that the UK is a top destination for students all over the world wanting to come and get a premium education.

Overseas students demand luxury accommodation and that is the most buoyant student buy to let investment sector presently. These students prefer comfortable bedrooms and don’t like box room accommodation.

Another important aspect to consider before investment is to select areas that students like to have local, for example property near libraries or near market towns. Choose the location and the type of housing carefully if you wish to have good returns on your investment. You really can’t go wrong because the more the university population the more the demand for student accommodation and the more the returns with rents increasing by almost 3% each year.

UK Student Property Investment

The changing face of UK higher education has led to a drastic change in university culture, and this also had a huge impact on standard of housing for the students in United Kingdom. Nowadays, the admission criteria as well as the university tuition fees sit top of agenda for these business-minded, independent institutions, and the issues on student property investment has caught the attention of property investors like never before.

With student accommodation search engines making life easier for the student looking for accommodation, it is no surprise that the market is well oiled and functioning smoothly.

The main key here is the growing number of students, as this kind of turn only means potential investment, with the need for having quality accommodation only increasing at the same pace.

For the universities that don’t have accommodation for their existing and future students, the demand for properties/housing is even greater, and this kind of trend has led to the popularity of student property investment.

Student studying in her student accommodation

The experts in investment rental property are also keen to follow this kind of wave, with the popular university locations in UK such as Manchester and Liverpool providing firm platforms for the student rental investment properties.

It should be reminded that there’s been a shift in the students’ culture in recent times, and the profitable, fast-moving universities are moving forward away from traditional “student digs”, and instead have a deep focus on having access to student property that will encourage effective development and learning during their university years.

The (then) new student housing block looming over Tottenham Hale Station.

The (then) new student housing block looming over Tottenham Hale Station.

As universities notice this need from students, the best way to ensure that the accommodation condition within the university city walls are of a high standard, is to have a strong tie with the private sector that can possibly invest effort and time in providing the kind of accommodation that generates a better standard of living.

For the investors, the environment for this type of property investment is made more attractive when then investigating the details, because knowing that in recent times the risks tends to be the chasing shadow in property investment; student property investment manages to overcome this kind of barrier.

The traditional and rebellion views of the student house parties, as well as the widespread destruction are the typical parallels that are drawn. However, investors in student accommodation investments are generally finding that with the higher premiums paid by student come higher standards of behaviour.

Student property investment has shaken the traditional and long-held views in this kind of investment environment, as the associated risks in this kind of investment are continuously reduced, the rate of returns are increasing, which is why these are the best platforms for high return property investments.


Is Commercial Real Estate a Good Investment?

Commercial Real Estate – Good or Bad?

Real estate comes in all shapes and sizes from big and small to wide and tall. There is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to sourcing real estate deals. For example, you could own the shop in Times Square rented to Apple or the corner store rented to Jack and his wife. The key outcome you should be looking for when making your investment is how much does it cost to purchase versus future growth versus rental incomes.

Investors tend to want high rental returns but with a focus on stability. So in answering the question “is commercial real estate a good investment?” we here at FJP Investment would agree that it is. We tend to find less defaults when it comes to tenants in commercial than you would in residential and while economies are retracting we are seeing the commercial sector hold its own.

In general, we have always found the commercial property sector to be favoured by our investors when looking for asset classes to make an investment. We love looking for a deal, seeing commercial real estate as a real good investment if done right. A lot of this comes down to research and being able to find the right commercial property at the right price.

Commercial real estate statistics

We recently wrote about the pros and cons of commercial real estate and we concluded that such investment was worthy of spending serious time analysing deals in order to better manage your money yourself rather than play the markets.

What is a Commercial Property?

  • Retail buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Mixed use buildings, where the property may have a mix, such as retail, office and apartments

The number one reason for making an investment in the commercial sector rather than residential is earning potential remains consistently higher. Commercial often achieves anywhere between 6%  and 12% meanwhile residential varies between 1% and 4%.

When investors say 10% is too good to be true, it is often because they have never looked or considered the commercial sector to know the it is indeed the norm.


Real Estate Investing 101

Another important factor to consider especially with the retail sector, they are often incentivised to maintain their retail presence… e.g keep paying you rent!

If they do not maintain their retail locations it will often affect business as become the talk of the town. “Did you know So & So shut down” etc etc

I think another key selling point for going into the commercial sector rather than residential is that you are generally dealing with professionals. Businesses dealing with you are often easier than inexperience residential tenants with very few real world obligations.

FJP Investment – Commercial Real Estate Broker

The business has evolved a lot over the last few years, we have kept our promise of only offering the very best deals that we have been able to get our hands on. We always focus on the customer and go out and get the product that our customers are in the market for.

More often than not friends can bring valuable experience to the table but often we find too little experience is often an inexperienced source of advice.

Our products are constantly updating, new ideas are launching and we welcome you to come along for the ride.

Interested in learning about the investment opportunities from FJP Investment?


Infographic: New York Property Investors Guide

Infographic – Guide to Investing in New York Property

A global powerhouse that attracts over 50 million tourists every year to the “big apple” that is often described as the cultural and financial capital of the world.

New York Property Investors Guide Infographic

New York Architecture

The Chrysler building is considered by many historians and architects to be one of New York’s finest. Other options include Empire State Building.

Shopping in New York

In New York, you’ll find many of the best department stores in the world, including Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s NYC, and countless Fifth Avenue boutique shops.

Where to find the best food in New York

New York is one of, if not THE, greatest food cities in the world. Not only can you get just about any kind of food in New York even at almost any hour of the day.

Green Spaces in New York

The most famous green space in New York is of course Central Park. Others include Hudson River Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. If in New York, be sure to get some rest time at one of the parks.

New York Art Exhibitions

The best art exhibitions and art galleries can be found in NYC. Be sure to check out the world famous Broadway Shows.

Live music venues in New York

Jazz, Classic, Rock… you name it New York does it in abundance. New York is the place to be for fresh live music.

  • The average price of an apartment in NYC has reached a record high of $1.87m
  • Trend of renting over buying driving up real estate prices by 11% from 2014
  • 99% of borough’s apartments and homes available for rent are occupied
  • The vacancy rate of NYC rentals reached 1.07%

Holding real estate in your portfolio in New York is deemed a prized asset of the global investor buying up prime real estate around the world. There is no doubt that New York’s importance as a leading city in terms of being first in business is set to remain.

New York is an amazing location and is at the top of the list when it comes to Real Estate investors wanting to park their capital in a top city, where they know the yields are high and their asset will increase in value over a reasonable period of time. New York is the trophy asset – Real Estate investors want to say “I own in New York”.


Infographic: City Property Investments

Infographic: City Property Investments

From high yielding student accommodation investments to residential buy-to-let developments, FJP Investment has a wide selection of opportunities in city centres in the United Kingdom.

This new infographic has been compiled to help explain why investors should consider making city property investments.

Investing in a city is always a good idea. Ultimately, when buying property for investment purposes, you are going to want to find a human whom is going to want to pay you rent in exchange for living in your property. By virtue of investing in a city, you place your property in front of a higher number of people vs buying in a town or village. Of course, city prices are at a premium, but if you get this right, you’ll be on to a winner.

The Art of city INVESTING

Best city for property investment

Our global property market is worth some £500 Billion with London listed as one of the top destinations for investments. Global real estate accounts for a substantial percentage of investment transactions as a whole and shows no sign of slowing down.

Naturally investing in real estate is focussed on big cities. Capitals like London, Paris and New York are top of the list when it comes to attracting the attention of today’s modern “Global Investor”. We see investors attracted to the big cities despite rising prices often seen as prohibitive.

Best real estate investments for 2016

To understand future pricing we must analyse historic trends.

  • Year 2000: London’s average property price in the year 2000 was just £153,454 fast forward to 2015 and the picture is very different.
  • Year 2015: Currently the average property price set in London will be priced at £620,003 Many Londoners are finding themselves priced out.
  • Year 2020: The price paid for the average property in London could reach £1 Million by year 2020 if costs keep increasing at the same rate currently.

Principles Of Price Increases

Supply of new properties coming to the market is still struggling to match pent up levels of demand. With more jobs available and fewer people out of work it is true that there are more people able to buy property. With more home buyers competing with the buy-to-let investors we find there are fewer properties available for home buyers.

UK House Prices are expected to rise by 25% in the next five years.


Infographic: London Property Investors Guide

Infographic – Guide to Investing in London Property

Alive with eclectic music, fine art, and stunning architecture, London is a place not only city-lovers dream of, but also where investors can find a bit of sanctuary amidst a bustling metropolis. London property investors are fortunate to be leading the country when it comes to making the biggest investment returns.

London is the place to be. London property is amongst the finest real estate in the world and it is attracting foreign investment like you would not believe. From all corners of the globe, FJP Investment is working with investors to secure their slice of the UK’s leading property market; London.

London Property Investors Guide Infographic

London Architecture

London’s architecture is one of the most stunning in the world. Some landmarks you shouldn’t miss are Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and Harrods

Shopping in London

Think that London is just for tourists? Think again. London has become the capital of the world for shopping. People come from all over the world to shop.

Where to find the best food in London

There are over 50 Michelin-Starred restaurants in London. The city is home to some of the world’s most elite chefs at the forefront of cutting-edge cuisine.

Green Spaces in London

There are over many gardens and parks to explore in London. Spending an afternoon in Hyde Park is the ideal escape for Londoners on a Sunday in preparation for the new week.

London Art Exhibitions

London is home to the finest art galleries. Tate Modern has more than 70,000 pieces of art on display at any given moment.

Live music venues in London

This city is in love with music, as well as festivals and concerts of all kinds. If you’re lucky, catch a show at the O2 Arena.

  • Average house price now sits at £485,000 which is 14 times the average salary.
  • During the last five years London has the biggest price growth in the UK
  • London is ranked high as one of the best cities in the world to buy property.
  • London Property prices increased by 17.5% in 2014 with 2015 likely to show similar results.

London property prices are already sky-high and with the average rent now sitting at £1,500 the capital is more than double the national average at £738. With big rental fees come big property prices! If you are able to stake your claim on a property in London then you will be excited to know that your London property investment is considered one of the finest real estate assets going.


Infographic: Pros and Cons of making Property Investments

Infographic: Why Invest In UK Property?

For a very long time now the UK has been the attractor of investors all around the world interested in buying into the relative safety of the UK property sector. There are pros and cons for making the investment and the infographic below takes a look at some of those arguments for and against.

For the medium to long term investor it is evident that making a UK Property investment with a company such as FJP Investment whom specialise in sourcing UK based property investments for a global audience of investors.

Having full control of your property investment is useful, unlike other asset types you find yourself having control over all of the returns from the rental income to the asset sale.

The UK Property market is super competitive with the top property markets of the World. Of late, investors have been buying up prime sites thanks to the great rates of exchange. We highly recommend investing in the UK property market and we feel that the UK has a lot to offer an investor from a fiscal and strategic point of view.

Infographic The Pros and Cons of making Property Investments

Property Investments Infographic

It goes without saying that the biggest benefit of all from owning a property that you have rented out is you will be provided with a direct income stream.

Owning a property that is rented out at £1,000 per month equates to £12,000 per year of rental income. *Minus costs

Then factor in the emergency repairs, the cost of removing the old water boiler. The list is endless.

More often than not when property investing goes wrong it can often be down to bad financial planning. Such as not having savings for the rainy days… if you find yourself in the position of having NO tenant and four to six months of repairs to get the property ready to be placed back on the open market. Times like those can devastate the owners investment property ownership dreams.


How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

All around the world we come into contact with commercial real estate on a daily basis be it when we pop to the local coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee on the way into work or the Italian restaurant for a bite to eat at lunch time.

Commercial real estate is all around us and we use it more often that we come to consider.

Of course, such real estate is owned by someone or some organisation. Suitably this is an alternative investment method for residential property investors. You can earn rental income in the same manner you would from residential except you will earn rental income payable from a business.

With commercial properties you are depending on a market that is in some ways separate from the residential market and with that there are some excellent income generating assets out there that may be suitable for you to consider making an investment.

The best option is partnering with a company such as FJP Investment, experts at identifying high yielding commercial real estate investments. We take the hard work out of the task, that being the identification of the prime asset and you simply position yourself ready to make the investment.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate for Beginners

Investing in Commercial Real Estate for Beginners

Investing in Commercial Real Estate for Beginners

We all have to start from somewhere and thus being a beginners shouldn’t necessarily mean you are in a bad position. Fortunately there are so many resources out there today that you can gain years of experience in just a short few hours of taking time out to read up and learn from others. The real estate company FJP Investment comes into contact with investors with varying degrees of experience, some have years of proven experience and some are just getting started.

Being new to the sector can actually be a good thing since you are fresh and more able to adapt to the current market trends that are working currently. What worked thirty years ago may not be the tactic to make real estate pay in today.

The biggest resource that can help you today is web based, look for examples of thriving businesses. Look at how they do what they do. Look at the space they have and how they make the best use of the space. Innovation? How do they get so much revenue from so little space?

Commercial Real Estate tips and tricks

Commercial Real Estate tips and tricks

At the end of the day, when buying into a commercial real estate venture it is important to have vision of what your customer will see when he/she is prospecting for a new premises.

Research papers such as the 2015 UK Property Market Outlook report from CBRE are useful guides to the industry.

Commercial Property Investors

They come in all shapes and sizes. There is no “one box fits all” category that we could place the typical commercial property investor. Generally we see commercial property investors have at least got experience from owning residential property and the commercial sector is a bi-product of looking to diversify away from residential while remaining in the property industry.

Also we are seeing large multi national companies buying big in the commercial sector. Rental returns are steady and consistent which is the ideal scenario any investor should be looking for.

Commercial Real Estate tips and tricks

Commercial Real Estate Advice

Sure there are tips and tricks that can be given, but really as investors we must identify a strategy and once identified; stick with it.

We must ensure our emotions are not allowed to enter the buying process. Those pretty pink walls may not be so practical once the tenant has had the paint brush out and given it a coat of white. There are so many variables that can encourage our emotions to run wild and more often than not get the better of us. We are seeing an emerging trend of books, guides and seminars that promise the latest and greatest real estate tips and tricks but in reality there is no need to complicate what is already a complicated industry.

KISS is an acronym for “Keep it simple, stupid” – We very much encourage the keeping it simple notion when seeking income opportunities from commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Advice

When seeking investment opportunities it is always wise to seek advice from a qualified financial advisor whom is able to advise whether such investment is suitable for your circumstances. You might like to talk with friends and family that have experienced such similar investment. How did it go? What did they learn? The voice of experience is always your friend and you should soak up such information where possible as knowledge is very much your friend.

You must filter the good advice from the bad advice.

More often than not friends can bring valuable experience to the table but often we find too little experience is often an inexperienced source of advice.

Where possible, seek financial advice. The financial advisor will not only assess the opportunity but also the risk appetite of yourself.  What is suitable for 25 year old on £40,000 per annum salary with 40 years of potential work time may not be suitable for the 65 year old retired doctor collecting his pension.

Best advice is to consider that you worked hard for your money, let the processional work hard to make your money work for you.

Interested in learning about the investment opportunities from FJP Investment?


Commercial Investment Property For Sale

Commercial Investment Property For Sale

There is no shortage of investment types on the market today, if looking for commercial investment property for sale in the United Kingdom or indeed around the world there are certain traits to be looking out for. FJP Investment highlights certain aspects of the commercial property scene that you should consider.

Commercial Investment Property For Sale

Commercial Investment Property For Sale

Retail Investments for sale

Commercial Property is often seen as an attractive proposition because of the nature of the asset. Holding a tangible asset within the portfolio offers security as well as protection against currency fluctuations or even the up/down behaviour that comes with the stock market and commodities.

In the United Kingdom retail investments are very popular and have proven themselves time and time again to provide a solid income for the property owner. This niche market is not without it’s pitfalls, much of the retail market is increasingly going on-line and with that the retail market is having to innovate. Though that being said, all over the world a retail shop is still considered a solid source of revenue providing the right price is paid along with the right location.

Retail Investments for sale

Retail Investments for sale

Finding retail investments is not too difficult, with a multitude of brokers around today this specialist area is backed up with specialist market research.

Commercial Property Auctions

Commercial Property Auctions

Commercial Property Auctions

One of the more popular methods used by commercial property investors is to go to the auctions. Firstly, they will find the property using a number of on-line sales tools and then more often than not attend on the day of the auction and if the price is right, place a bid for said property.

This is an interesting tactic and so long as the research is done and the pricing is right you can find yourself in a winning position. Some examples of commercial property auctions are Savills, Strettons or Acuitus.

Commercial Property Prices

An interesting report made available by the Bank of England provides interesting reading into commercial property and financial stability in the United Kingdom. It is said that the Commercial Property sector has shown signs of resilience over the many years.

We encourage you to spend some time reading the report.

FJP Investment operates in the area of identifying investment opportunities on behalf of investors all over the world. We take the hard task of identifying assets and in turn passing the opportunities to you, the investor. We have a great track record of delivering real value and working towards wealth generation over a very long period of time.

Commercial Property Prices

The values of commercial property in the UK have been rising fast and with that rents are also high. Yields can be seen anywhere between 5% and 12% as the norm. The slowdown in construction projects during the recession has resulted in an under supply of commercial assets made available to the market.

Back in 2007 when the recession hit, savers were pulling out of commercial real estate funds at a rapid rate. Fast forward to today and we seem to have turned the corner with the market sentiments pointing towards a buy signal.

Commercial Property for Lease

Commercial Property for Lease

Commercial Property for Lease

When buying leasehold property it means you own the property but not the land it sits on. For example you may own an apartment on a 100 year lease which means that once the 100 years is up the ownership of the property will revert back to the landowner. Also typically common with leasehold is you will pay an annual fee to a managing agent of the lease.

The leasehold property land remains the property of the landlord whom is commonly known as the “leaseholder”. Investors shouldn’t be put off by purchasing commercial property for lease since anything over 100 years is typically looked at as good as freehold in the banks eyes.

It is possible to extend a lease with negotiation being successful with the leaseholder.

Find commercial investment property for sale through our dedicated sales page:


How do Student Accommodation Investments actually work?

The UK property market is somewhat saturated and with that the student accommodation investment market is soaring in popularity offering traditional property values with a modern twist… we are of course talking about student accommodation.

If you have ever experienced student housing 20 or so years ago you will know it is a far cry from the offer today. Typically students are expected to rough it living on Pot Noodles and studying into the early hours of the morning, but while the students of today will still be very much into the party lifestyle that comes with being a student in the U.K they now expect more comfort from their accommodation.

Making way for property investors who are realising that this sector of the property market is able to pay better returns than standard buy-to-let investing. Student accommodation investments make up the fastest growth asset class today from the property sector.

With a record number of students entering our universities and more so with students travelling from different parts of the U.K and even from abroad to their placements. When parents consider sending their son’s and daughter’s to University they must now factor in the cost of housing them.

An investor, from anywhere in the world will purchase a property which is for the purpose of housing students. The student will pay a premium for living in the property just like your typical buy to let property investment. The student property market has absolutely exploded and there are ample opportunities for investors to make real gains in this segment of the property market.

Most Universities have on-site student housing but in comparison to the private market it just does not begin to compare.

Take for example this photo below taken from the student accommodation provided by Brunel University……..

Brunel University Student Accommodation

Brunel University Student Accommodation

Nothing wrong? No not really… it does the job, and provides a comfortable environment for our young adults undertaking their studies.

But compare it to this?

Premium Student Living in Glasgow Scotland

Premium Student Living in Glasgow

You can see the difference right? And offer both options to a young adult and you can guess pretty easily which option is most favoured.

Of course our universities only have so much on-site accommodation and as such with the record number of attendees the private sector has been able to come in and help fill the gap.

FJP Investment is currently looking at several options for our clients, student accommodation investments are here to stay and already a big part of our clients portfolio.

If interested in finding out more about the UK’s fastest growing property investment asset class, read more about the investment options we currently have available here.