Our People

FJP Investment brings together many years of experience, entwining our personal and professional standards. The presentation of information is always structured towards allowing our clients to make their own informed decisions they can trust.

Our Products

Each product is hand-picked, then passed through our strict due-diligence process. Our on-going product evaluations ensure your money is safely invested today and for the future. We are constantly striving to find opportunities that suit our clients needs and portfolios.

Our Clients

Although portfolio decisions are ultimately implemented at the direction of the client, our process is focused on identifying investment themes, that allow for the realistic assessment of risk and the establishment of return expectations.

UK and Overseas Property Investments

FJP Investment has years of experience in sourcing investments for our investors. We work an introducer to a range of property developers in the UK as well as overseas. FJP has been positioned to act according to the requirements of our investors, we act swiftly on deals that are sought by our existing clients.

Investors choose to work with FJP Investment as their chosen agent because we know the process and know the products inside out. We have dedicated hundreds of hours to understanding the markets in which we operate and therefore our investors benefit from our transfer of knowledge.

The product selection is handpicked after extensive due-diligence has been carried out, we provide only the very best products that our investors request.

Care Home Investment

FJP Investment is delighted to introduce you to the world of buy-to-let Care Home Investments.

The United Kingdom has a serious shortage of care beds for the elderly and it is expected that by the year 2020 the situation will be described as acute. This creates an opportunity for the private investment market to buy up relevant properties and transform them into amazing care facilities.

Investors are able to purchase care rooms within a nursing home and earn a rental income on a buy-to-let basis.

The Care Homes are 5 star in terms of their design and the target market they are geared towards. These Care Homes that we are introducing to our investors are of an extremely high standard and therefore they are able to charge a premium to the end users.

This segment of the property sector is attracting attention from property speculators and we believe the UK care home investment sector will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of UK and Overseas investment in years to come.

Empire Property Holdings

FJP Investment has developed a relationship with Empire Property Holdings, the company has an 11 year track record of developing properties for investment purposes.

Throughout that last 11 years the company has built a portfolio of some 1,050 properties and through this company, we are proud to introduce our investors to the world of property investment bonds.

The Empire Property Bond investment starts at just £20,000 and yields an investor a return of between 10 and 12% per annum with income paid to the investor every 6 months. UK housing is in an undersupply situation and it is through secure investments such as this property investment bond that we are able to contribute to fixing the situation.

This is a fixed return investment over a fixed period of time. The assets are secure by way of a First and Only legal charge held by a trustee on behalf of the investors.

Godwin Capital

FJP Investment has previously successfully introduced investors to loan note investment opportunities for a number of years and with that we have now developed a relationship with Godwin Capital on behalf of their development arm called Godwin Developments.

Godwin Developments are a leading provider of UK based commercial and residential developments who successfully operate their model from their offices in Birmingham, Nottingham and London.

The Godwin Capital loan note consists of a raise which is typically in the region of £10 million and allows investors to buy in from just a £5,000 investment level.

This ensures that property investments are accessible to all so long as they are high net-worth or sophisticated investors. The investors that fall into this category will benefit from a fixed return of at least 10% per annum over a 2 year period.

Security with Godwin Capital a big benefit with investors holding a debenture over the assets via a trustee.

The High Street Group

The High Street Group is an award winning property developer based in city centre of Newcastle, United Kingdom. The company currently operates in the region of £320 Million worth of projects and has an excellent track record of delivering high yielding returns to investors on a consistent basis.

Loan Note investments are increasingly popular with investors seeking access to the property market. Investing in loan notes provides equity to The High Street Group which in turn allows your money to be invested in large scale projects.

Access to our loan notes from The High Street Group starts at £25,000 and are over a period of just 18 months. The returns available to investors are 15% – 18% over 18 months.

The High Street Group are completing construction works in most of the major cities around the UK such as London, Birmingham and Manchester. The investor is provided a Debenture over the companies assets and also a Corporate Guarantee therefore minimising risks. Raises typically stand £10 million per issue.

  • Investment Updates

    We pride ourselves on implementing regular communication, as we recognise it as a trait, which will ultimately separate us at FJP Investment from the rest.


    We have decades of experience working within different areas of the property industry. We know what works and what does not.

  • Hands-off Investments

    We have hand-picked investments that allow you to invest, sit back and receive your guaranteed return on investment with out leaving your armchair.

  • Alternative Investments

    An alternative investment is an investment product other than the traditional investments of stocks, bonds, cash or property. Our products represent value!