Our People

FJP Investment brings together many years of experience, entwining our personal and professional standards. The presentation of information is always structured towards allowing our clients to make their own informed decisions they can trust.

Our Products

Each product is hand-picked, then passed through our strict due-diligence process. Our on-going product evaluations ensure your money is safely invested today and for the future. We are constantly striving to find opportunities that suit our clients needs and portfolios.

Our Clients

Although portfolio decisions are ultimately implemented at the direction of the client, our process is focused on identifying investment themes, that allow for the realistic assessment of risk and the establishment of return expectations.

UK and Overseas Property Investments

FJP Investment has years of experience in sourcing investments for our investors. We work an introducer to a range of property developers in the UK as well as overseas. FJP has been positioned to act according to the requirements of our investors, we act swiftly on deals that are sought by our existing clients.

Investors choose to work with FJP Investment as their chosen agent because we know the process and know the products inside out. We have dedicated hundreds of hours to understanding the markets in which we operate and therefore our investors benefit from our transfer of knowledge.

The product selection is handpicked after extensive due-diligence has been carried out, we provide only the very best products that our investors request.

Car Park Investment

FJP Investment is pleased to offer its investors the opportunity to purchase parking spaces at Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle airports.

The airport car park space industry is now proving to be an increasingly popular investment product for thousands of investors. Today, the market is growing rapidly towards a £250bn investment landmark which it is predicted to reach by 2020. In 2015 the car park industry amounted to £80bn of investment.

Within a five year term the market has grown more than three-fold and the rapid growth is continuing year or year.

The demands of modern life are rapidly changing the Airport industry and will increasingly do so year on year to 2050, all airport operators have 30 year investment and expansion programs in place owing to the huge growth in passenger numbers.

In all of the of the UK domestic airport sites, significant provision is in place to permit expansion of their car park facilities and in every case, land supply and the shortage of it is proving to be a considerable hurdle for airport operators to overcome. As a result of this, prices in Airport Car Parks are maintaining high charge rates which in turn provide high, long term resilient yields.

Empire Property Holdings

FJP Investment has developed a relationship with Empire Property Holdings, the company has an 11 year track record of developing properties for investment purposes.

Throughout that last 11 years the company has built a portfolio of some 1,050 properties and through this company, we are proud to introduce our investors to the world of property investment bonds.

The Empire Property Bond investment starts at just £20,000 and yields an investor a return of between 10 and 12% per annum with income paid to the investor every 6 months. UK housing is in an undersupply situation and it is through secure investments such as this property investment bond that we are able to contribute to fixing the situation.

This is a fixed return investment over a fixed period of time. The assets are secure by way of a First and Only legal charge held by a trustee on behalf of the investors.

Enlightening Media Investment

FJP Investment is proud to introduce its investors to the world of digital outdoor advertising investments. In 2014, outdoor advertising spend was approximately $34.8 billion which represents 6.8% of worldwide advertising spending.

The outdoor advertising industry is at the very beginning of a large transformation from static billboards to Digital High Definition LED Display Boards.

The returns are fixed for the first two years, starting at 8% and is accessible to investors from just $20,000 in prestigious locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Halifax, Hong Kong, Liverpool, Miami and New York.

Enlightening Media are buying up static billboards and converting them into digital billboards which can display digital content such as images and video.

Enlightening Media is planning a world record attempt for construction of both the worlds largest outdoor billboard and the largest HD Digital Outdoor Billboard. Dubai is the city which holds the record for holding the most records and will be the location for the worlds largest billboard.

Fuzzy Brush Investment

Fuzzy Brush is a unique ‘all in one’ chewable toothbrush and breath freshener designed by dentists. All you have to do is place the soft mini toothbrush in your mouth and chew just like a piece of gum… the results are amazing!

12 month redeemable shares are on offer that will pay 9% annually on an investment of £5,000, 10.7% on £10,000, 12.43% on £25,000 or more.

Investment funds are injected mainly into stock and converted back to cash with distributors overseas and with supermarkets here in the UK such as Morrisons and Asda, investment funds also serve to speed up the expansion program and assist with the acquisition of machinery to improve manufacturing processes to meet the high demand.

All of the products have been researched, trialled and tested over the past three years and have gone through the reordering phases, so there is no guess work or experimentation with sales and returns, the overseas distributors pay in advance to minimise the risk to the business, which therefore puts Fuzzy Brush in a very strong position.

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    We pride ourselves on implementing regular communication, as we recognise it as a trait, which will ultimately separate us at FJP Investment from the rest.


    We have decades of experience working within different areas of the property industry. We know what works and what does not.

  • Hands-off Investments

    We have hand-picked investments that allow you to invest, sit back and receive your guaranteed return on investment with out leaving your armchair.

  • Alternative Investments

    An alternative investment is an investment product other than the traditional investments of stocks, bonds, cash or property. Our products represent value!