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Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Update June 2017

We are pleased to state that the developments are progressing extremely well according to the business plan as part of the Empire Property Holdings loan note investment. As you can see from the below CGI’s, the next three developments will be equally as impressive as the first three. The King Charles House refinance has just […]

Photo Update – Empire Property Holdings – May 2017

Today we are writing to share with you the latest updated photographs from Empire Property Holdings. With several developments, nearing completion we thought it would be a good opportunity to share the latest photographs, here on our blog. The New Commerce House refinance has just completed and Empire Property Holdings have immediately acquired Newspaper House in […]

Empire Property Doncaster – February Construction Update

Empire Property Concepts based in Doncaster, England have a construction update to share with investors. There is some really positive news coming with the refinance confirmation and we are expecting the valuations and legal work to start at the end of next week. Once we have further information of the refinance we will update all […]

Property Bond UPDATE: Empire Property Holdings 2

This article is being written in response to meetings held last week with directors of the property bond we are currently raising funds for. The Empire Property bond phase 1 sold out at the back end of 2016 and has since launched the second phase aptly named “Empire Property Holdings 2”. Empire Property Concepts have set […]

Empire Property Concepts Update – Further Expansion

Joseph Locke House – Empire Property Concepts Empire Property Concepts have just completed on an excellent property which is one for the future. The company has paid £1.85 million for Joseph Locke House which is currently used as commercial office space. The building was government use and has been purchased by Empire Property Concepts and will undergo a conversion […]

Empire Property Bond Phase 1 Sold Out

The £6 million Empire Property bond was completed on Friday of last week. The company has successfully raised the capital required to close the bond ahead of schedule. The Empire Property bond phase 1 is now closed and within the next 7 days we will see the launch of phase 2. New Commerce House & 63 […]

Are You a Budding Property Investor?

There is a certain image of the typical property investor we see portrayed on TV and in the movies from time to time. He (because it mostly often does appear to be a ‘he’), tends to swagger around a bit, suck on eye-wateringly expensive cigars and wear razor sharp suits which, unfortunately, tend to be […]

The Pros and Cons of Having a Property Mentor

If you’ve just entered the world of property investment you’ll be a bit short on contacts and no doubt still fumbling around for deals. So it makes sense then to consider hiring the services of a mentor. Or does it? In this article we’ll look at the pros and cons of having a guide on […]

5 Best Cities to Invest in Property in UK

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the least interested in the prospects of the UK property market to see that of the top five cities to invest in property outside London, Manchester sits snugly amongst the leaders. The city which last year boasted the third highest number of foreign visitors in the […]