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Through quantitative findings to expert industry knowledge, we hope to provide you with the latest information surrounding the property market.

We have a team of experts whom research the markets and compile the latest findings and we make this available to all with the goal of sharing and being armed with knowledge in order to aid better investing decisions. Our property investment guides can be accessed at the click of a button.

The Sustainability Barometer: Assessing UK Homeowners’ Sentiment Towards Greener Homes

The property industry is facing a number of pertinent challenges at present. Tackling chronic undersupply to curb sharply rising house prices is one. Climate change is another, and one that is consuming more and more focus from stakeholders across the sector. 

Emerging Trends: Is the appeal of new-build rising among UK homebuyers?

The UK’s property market has been a hive of activity over the past 18 months. Against the backdrop of a global crisis and with the economy still in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic, house prices have continued their gravity-defying ascent, reaching record highs over the course of 2021. 

Post-Pandemic Emerging Trends: How has the Pandemic Shifted Britons' Perspectives on their Homes?

The UK’s residential property market has for decades been a wellspring of dependability. House prices have risen consistently, and transactional volume has maintained healthy levels regardless of the wider economic context in Britain.

Uncovering: The UK's Top Property Investment Hotspots

The UK’s real estate market has long been seen as a premier destination avenue for both domestic and international investors. And yet the property sector has had to endure some major hurdles in recent years, with the uncertainty over Brexit colliding with the economic impact of the pandemic that took the world by storm and dramatically changed the course of the past 18 months. 

Emerging From The Pandemic: Understanding The Impact of Covid-19 On UK Investor Behaviour

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic triggered one of the biggest economic shocks in history. The FTSE 100 index fell 14.3% during 2020, marking the poorest performance among the largest international stock indices, and its biggest decline since the 2008 financial crisis, when it slumped 31.3%. Indeed, the IMF estimated that the global economy shrunk by 4.4% in 2020. What are investors thinking as we emerge from the gloom?

UK Property Investors Sentiment Towards The Buy-to-Let Market

In the UK, property has been a popular investment asset for decades. In the past, just as now, the ability to simultaneously achieve significant capital growth and rental income on one’s real estate portfolio has given bricks and mortar investments a strong appeal. But, where is sentiment for buy-to-let investment in 2021?

The UK's Top Buy-To-Let Hotspots To Watch In 2021

The UK is an attractive market for property investors all over the world. We have commissioned this report to thoroughly research and identify the likely property hotspots for 2021. House prices have been rising sharply and have shown that prices have risen 7% year-on-year despite the pandemic of 2020. Confidence is returning and investors are keen to hunt the best areas for property investment in the UK for 2021.

At the Crossroads: Forging the UK's Post-Pandemic Recovery

The UK is now in a recession. Whilst this is perhaps unsurprising given the massive impact both COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown has had on the economy, many are naturally concerned for the future. However with signs we may be seeing a pickup in economic activity, this raises the obvious question, when will we recover from the recession? We quizzed UK investors about their views on when the UK will recover from this economic downturn.

FJP Quant 2020 - Investing during a pandemic

Investing During a Pandemic: How are Investors Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?

Are you curious about what investors are doing to respond to the coronavirus lockdown? At the start of May 2020, we asked nearly 1,000 UK investors what they were planning to do across the financial markets, from current investments to planned investments. The results not only reinforced what many experts were thinking, but also brought light to some surprising, collective decisions.

2020 Political Outlook: Charting Investor Sentiment Towards the New Conservative Government

The political situation in the UK has dominated headlines for over three years now. With the Conservative Government pledging to make Brexit happen, we expect to see significant changes in the housing market. Often overlooked, we asked verified UK investors how they felt about the main policies put forward by the Conservative Party.

UK Savings Index 2019: Uncovering Attitudes Towards Savings Accounts

For decades now, the advice from most was to hold money in a savings account to grow your money. Whilst savings accounts undoubtedly hold an important place in any persons financial plans, when it comes to growing money, is a savings account your best, safest option? With interest rates stagnating at a low level, many are making the move to other forms of investment to grow their money at a substantially greater rate.

UK Homebuyers Reveal Sentiment Towards New Build Properties

New build properties are the talk of many when it comes to tackling the ongoing concerns regarding a housing crisis in the UK. We therefore decided to survey homebuyers and property investors as our Q3 2019 report to see what people really thought of them, and where the market is headed.

Debt investment: Understanding Investor Sentiment Towards the Debt Market

Our Q2 2019 report surveyed UK Investors regarding their views surrounding the debt investment market. The findings have proven to be very popular, being featured in a number of media outlets including The Times.

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