About FJP Investment

Direct From Developer

We partner with some of the most successful property developers and ensure our investors receive a quality end product.

Privately Owned Company

FJP Investment is a privately owned company with core family values at heart. If it’s good enough for us then it’s good enough for our clients.

Experience = Everything

We have decades of experience working within different areas of the property industry. We know what works and what does not.

Dear Investor,

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our organisation.

The business
FJP Investment is an introducer of UK and overseas property-based investments to a global audience of high net worth and sophisticated investors, institutions as well as family offices.

We partner with developers in order to provide them with a readily accessible source of funding for their development projects. When new projects are launched, we are able to attract significant investment often running into the millions of pounds.

Company Name: FJP Investment
Established date: 20th June 2013
Telephone: +442071830343
Website: https://www.fjpinvestment.co.uk/
Email: info@fjpinvestment.co.uk

The company Basics
FJP Investment was set up by Jamie Johnson and Lynne Payne FAIQ CII in the summer of 2013. The company was started with the aim of becoming the leading provider of property investments in the UK.

We believe that our integrity, experience, and quality of service puts us way ahead of the rest. We have helped build and continue to build successful portfolios for all of our clients.

We work with a wide range of clients, from individuals looking for property ventures or alternative investment schemes, looking to diversify their portfolios both in the UK and overseas. We will only suggest opportunities on which we have done extensive due diligence so as to minimise potential risks, and at the same time maximise your returns.

Our clients’ successes have consequently resulted in the success of FJP Investment. Our business model was founded upon this principle in mind, and client satisfaction is therefore an absolute priority. Because we adhere to these principles, we will continue to grow as a business while cementing our position as a “go-to-source” for property investments.

What we don’t do
We do not hold client funds; the client is not investing with FJP Investment. You sign the contract with the developer and pay your funds directly to the developer.

Types of products
The company is built upon providing property-derived investment opportunities. All of the opportunities that we present will in some way have a connection to property. We have interests in various structures such as the Loan Note model providing title deed property purchases.

Type of investors
Our investors vary and are drawn from all walks of life. We are particularly active in the following markets: UK, Middle East, Asia. With the company built upon five years of trading history, we now have hundreds of happy clients that have worked with us and have seen fantastic returns, ensuring they are re-investing and recommending FJP to their friends and family.

Most recently, we have started working with institutional investors along with Family Offices on bespoke property finance deals.

Plans for the future
Our base is already well established in the UK with a five-year track record; we have firmly cemented ourselves as a leading provider of property investments. We will continue to grow the success of our UK operation; and we are also working hard on preparations for the expansion into our Key Growth markets comprising the Middle East and Asia.

In addition to continuing raising finance for developers, we are also looking at undertaking our own development projects; this will enable us to launch our own developments ensuring we have full control of them on behalf of our investors. The Company has hundreds of clients, and with a five-year track record of delivering a quality service, there is a very strong future to be had in becoming the developer in partnership with our existing clients.

Method to market
From day one, we have focussed our efforts on building the business around the “hub” which is our website. We do not cold call, we do not spam, we focus our efforts on contacting only those who opt-in for information at our website. We have cemented our brand as a thought leader and a voice of authority; this means that we have been able to have our opinions shared on hundreds of property-related websites.

By solely focussing on those who come to us, we have been able to conduct ourselves in the right way: professional and courteous with the focus being the client. By looking after the client’s interests, the client has in turn looked after FJP Investment. We now have the ability to launch any development and immediately tap into a proven source of investors whom trust and rely on our knowledge for making profits from the property market.

Client portfolio
Our investors hold a diversified portfolio which include investors holding positions within land, property, hotel rooms, care homes, student accommodation and loan notes.

The highlights
The company is approachable and personable, we are able to offer a one-to-one service ensuring that our investors work with the same adviser for years to come. We have an extremely low turnover of staff and 90% of our investors are still working with the same adviser several years later.

There is a huge amount of value to be had from this approach. Firstly, the client gets the best; and secondly, the business ultimately benefits from the investor making repeat business in complete comfort, knowing that he/she has been able to trial us.

We truly believe in the power of repeat business. This is the very reason why we ensure we hire the right staff that are invested in the long-term future of the brand and the relationships they strike with our investors. By ensuring our clients are well looked after, our clients ensure our business is able to stand the test of time.

2018 is our 5th anniversary. We are determined to ensure the brand develops even further and we will be launching a range of in-house property developments that we know will be the making of a very interesting next phase for the company. We believe in a mutually beneficial relationship whereby we are dedicated to helping our investors, and at the same time they promote our good name.

All of our investors are encouraged to leave a review; you can read our reviews here: FJP Investment Reviews

Yours truly,

FJP Investment

We specialise in sourcing proven products and then matching them with the right investors. As a team we have come to learn and develop our skills ensuring our best asset is our network, therefore if you are seeking property investment opportunities, please do make contact with our team and we will be happy to devise a plan for achieving outstanding results. Established in 2013 – FJP Investment is one of the UK’s leading provider of UK and Overseas property investments.