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Highlights of our media coverage

FJP Investment strives to be a leading provider of knowledge and information within the UK property sector. Through our own quantitative research and industry experience, media outlets continue to share our knowledge of the market.

We will continue to update this page with highlights of our coverage.

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FT Adviser | 09.06.2022
Property market investment is crucial to economic recovery

Finance Monthly | 31.05.2022
When Will International Investment Flows Return?

The Scotsman | 19.05.2022
Kirsty McLuckie on the cost of green living

Pheabs | 12.05.2022
Expert Opinion: The Best Way To Do Remote Working in 2022

Mortgage Strategy | 10.05.2022
Queen’s Speech 2022: Planning system set for reform

The I | 06.05.2022
The air inside our homes is killing us: How to protect yourself and make your home safe

Techround | 27.04.2022
PropTech Is Changing How Estate Agents Operate

Mortgage Introducer | 22.04.2022
FJP Investment Mortgage Introducer April 2022

Property Notify | 08.04.2022
What’s Stopping the Construction Industry from Going Greener?

BuyAssociation | 07.03.2022
Has home-working affected the UK housing market?

Auction House | 07.03.2022
Post-Pandemic New-Build Property Boost

The Mirror | 24.02.2022
Appeal of new-builds increased during the pandemic, research finds

Inside Conveyancing | 09.02.2022
One in Five UK Homeowners Disillusioned with their Homes Due to Pandemic

E-Architect | 02.02.2022
UK homeowners unhappy with their homes

City AM | 19.01.2022
Average UK house price was £271,000 in November as 2021 prices ‘defy gravity

UK Construction Online | 20.12.2021
Building Homes for the Future: What Matters Most?

Industrial News | 20.12.2021
Building Homes for the Future: What Matters Most?

Property Reporter | 15.12.2021
The new-build demands the construction industry should acknowledge

The Mirror | 01.11.2021
Top housebuilders to pay £205m a year into cladding levy

City AM | 29.09.2021
London remains by far the UK’s hottest property investment spot but rural areas on the rise

Construction Global | 21.08.2021
Five creative ways to solve the UK’s housing shortage

Express | 27.07.2021
Property: UK house prices hit new £230,700 high

Finance Monthly | 27.07.2021
Average UK House Price Jumps To £230,700

The Telegraph | 17.06.2021
When does the stamp duty holiday end? How it works for second homes and buy-to-let properties

FT Adviser | 16.06.2021
House price growth slows after eight-month upwards trend

FT Adviser | 15.06.2021
Half of 18 to 24-year-olds more risk-averse since start of pandemic

Landlord Zone | 14.06.2021
Britain’s buy to let boom ‘not over yet’

Property Investor Today | 04.06.2021
The UK’s property bubble – what will happen next?

Professional Paraplanner | 22.05.2021
The UK’s Property Bubble – What Will Happen Next?

The Sun | 11.05.2021
ALL CHANGE Queen’s Speech – 4 planning changes revealed in biggest shake-up for 70 years

Daily Express | 11.05.2021
Queen Elizabeth II outlines huge property planning overhaul – here’s what to know

Future Constructor & Architect | 07.05.2021
Rapid Growth of UK Construction Sector Only Sustainable with More Support

Property Wire | 29.04.2021
The construction sector needs more support in the months ahead

Tile & Stone Journal | 25.04.2021
UK house prices rise by 8.6% in the year to February 2021

Daily Mail | 22.04.2021
Is buy-to-let still a good investment? We explore the arguments for and against investing in property and becoming a landlord

Property Secrets | 20.04.2021
Experts Pick Three Key Property Trends to Watch Over The Coming Months

Luxurious Magazine | 23.03.2021
Is The Uk Buy-To-Let Market Beginning to Lose Its Lustre?

Property Notify | 19.03.2021
Why Are Landlords Dissatisfied with The BTL Market?

FT Adviser | 16.03.2021
How buy-to-let lost its appeal

Property Reporter | 11.03.2021
Is buy-to-let still worth it?

Landlord Today | 11.03.2021
Falling out of love with buy to let? You’re not alone

Money Age | 08.03.2021
Two thirds of property investors believe BTL market has lost appeal, study finds

Financial Times | 03.03.2021
Landlords favour stamp duty and council tax cut

The Times | 19.02.2021
Why lockdown has been a wake up call for buy-to-let landlords

Proactive Investor | 16.12.2020
Negative interest rates loom

Armchair Trader | 16.12.202
Negative UK interest rates – should you be worried?

Property Notify | 11.12.2020
Will anything change for property investors in 2021?

City Matters | 06.12.2020
Bracing for the recession, investors look to property

Housing Today | 01.12.2020
Prices rise nearly 1% in November

UK Investor Magazine | 01.12.2020
Only 12% of UK investors think they would benefit from negative interest rates

Daily Express | 30.11.2020
House prices: Property boom to continue into 2021 despite stamp duty holiday deadline

Money Facts | 25.11.2020
Investors nervous about the economy are turning to property

The Armchair Trader | 20.11.2020
Investors turning to residential property as they anticipate no deal Brexit

Property Investor Today | 23.11.2020
Investors scramble for property in the face of recession – Study

City AM | 17.11.2020
EXCLUSIVE: UK investors turn to property as they brace for a recession

IFA Magazine | 04.11.2020
Will we see negative interest rates after tomorrow’s MPC meeting?

Property Reporter | 30.10.2020
Nationwide: Housing market remains robust as annual house price growth hits five-year high

Global Banking & Finance Review | 19.10.2020
Covid-19 is changing people’s preferences when it comes to BTL investment

European Financial Review | 15.10.2020
Investor sentiment remains positive, but concerns remain surrounding Government’s COVID response

Property Reporter | 30.09.2020
A Country At Tipping Point

Property Secrets | 30.09.2020
Property Continues To Shine Amidst Covid-19

Yahoo Finance | 22.09.2020
UK house sales leap 15.6% but tighter lockdown rules could “dampen” market

Your Money | 22.09.2020
Stamp duty break boosts August house sales by 16%

Mortgage Solutions | 22.09.2020
Stamp duty break boosts August house sales by 16%

Finance Monthly | 07.09.2020
Let’s be optimistic about Bricks and Mortar investment duty break boosts August house sales by 16%

Financial Reporter | 25.08.2020
A quarter of investors plan to take advantage of stamp duty holiday

FT Adviser | 17.08.2020
Investors want support beyond stamp duty cut

The Telegraph | 07.08.2020
House prices reach record highs, but can the ‘mini-boom’ be maintained?

The Telegraph | 08.07.2020
How does the stamp duty holiday work for second homes and buy-to-let purchases?

City A.M. | 01.07.2020
UK house prices fall for first time since 2012 amid coronavirus

FT Adviser | 22.05.2020
Property Investors Retreat from Market

City A.M. | 21.05.2020
Housing transactions collapse in April as lockdown hits UK property market

The Times | 08.05.2020
House prices 2020: is now a good time to invest in UK property?

Ideal Home | 05.05.2020
Nationwide house price index reveals the first signs of a drop in house prices

Metro | 20.04.2020
Coronavirus UK: Is now a good time to buy or sell property?

Property Reporter | 17.04.2020
Is a Stamp Duty Holiday on the Cards?

Spear’s Magazine | 31.03.2020
‘The market could be on pause as opposed to finished’ – property advisers react to Covid-19

Financial Times | 02.03.2020
Brexit is creating opportunities for property

Reuters | 28.01.2020
UK real estate back in vogue for lenders

PropertyWire | 22.01.2020
UK property investors back stamp duty surcharge for overseas buyers

Yahoo! | 15.01.2020
UK property investors favour stamp duty surcharge for overseas buyers

Express | 13.12.2019
Boris business BOOST: General election TRIUMPH for ‘RELIEVED’ business leaders

Global Banking & Finance | 12.11.2019
Could Development Finance Be The Saving Grace Of The Real Estate Sector?

Property Week | 31.10.2019
How can tax-efficient schemes support property developers?

This is Money | 30.10.2019
House prices barely moved in October as property inflation sticks below 1% for 11th months in a row, Nationwide reveals

PBC Today | 16.10.2019
When it comes to new builds, we must focus on quality, not just quantity

What Investment | 14.10.2019
Debt investment is becoming more popular in the age of Brexit

City A.M. | 30.09.2019
UK homebuyers turned off by ‘characterless’ new-builds

Development Finance Today | 23.08.2019
FJP Investment eyes international growth

The Fintech Times | 24.07.2019
Boris Johnson New PM – Industry Reacts to Ascent of BoJo the Clown

FT Advisor | 23.07.2019
Johnson announced as next Prime Minister

Just Entrepreneurs | 08.07.2019
Meet the co-founder of FJP Investment

CEO Today | 25.06.2019
Business Investment Rises in the UK

Investment Week | 19.06.2019
One fifth of UK investors upping exposure to debt investments

The Times | 01.06.2019
Avoid market chaos with these alternative investments

Express | 24.05.2019
Pound latest: Theresa May departure date CONFIRMED – GBP cools after announcement BOOST

Daily Mail | 24.05.2019
Pound recovers after hitting a four-month low against the euro amid fears of a No-Deal Brexit following Theresa May’s resignation

This is Money | 23.05.2019
Don’t sign on the dotted line yet! Tenants who wait for new rules before signing a lease may be quids in

Specialist Finance Introducer | 15.05.2019
FJP Investment opens London office

Global Banking & Finance | 02.05.2019
Abolition Of Section 21 – What You Need To Know

Accountancy Age| 17.04.2019
How has the UK property market reacted to Brexit?

Private Banker International | 04.04.2019
Evaluating the current state of the UK property market

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