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Infographic: Pros and Cons of making Property Investments

Infographic: Why Invest In UK Property?

For a very long time now the UK has been the attractor of investors all around the world interested in buying into the relative safety of the UK property sector. There are pros and cons for making the investment and the infographic below takes a look at some of those arguments for and against.

For the medium to long term investor it is evident that making a UK Property investment with a company such as FJP Investment whom specialise in sourcing UK based property investments for a global audience of investors.

Having full control of your property investment is useful, unlike other asset types you find yourself having control over all of the returns from the rental income to the asset sale.

The UK Property market is super competitive with the top property markets of the World. Of late, investors have been buying up prime sites thanks to the great rates of exchange. We highly recommend investing in the UK property market and we feel that the UK has a lot to offer an investor from a fiscal and strategic point of view.

Infographic The Pros and Cons of making Property Investments

Property Investments Infographic

It goes without saying that the biggest benefit of all from owning a property that you have rented out is you will be provided with a direct income stream.

Owning a property that is rented out at £1,000 per month equates to £12,000 per year of rental income. *Minus costs

Then factor in the emergency repairs, the cost of removing the old water boiler. The list is endless.

More often than not when property investing goes wrong it can often be down to bad financial planning. Such as not having savings for the rainy days… if you find yourself in the position of having NO tenant and four to six months of repairs to get the property ready to be placed back on the open market. Times like those can devastate the owners investment property ownership dreams.


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