Empire Property Holdings

Empire Property Holdings are one of the UK’s leading loan note investment providers for investors wanting to generate wealth from the property market. Empire Property Holdings is raising finance on behalf of its parent company; Empire Property Concepts. Multi million pound developments are being funded with investors investing from as little as £25,000 in exchange for guaranteed returns starting at 10% per year.

Empire Property Concepts have been developing property for the last 13 years and have built up an incredible portfolio of more than 2,000 properties, retained and being rented out. They are by all definitions what we call a professional landlord. FJP Investment is proud of the work undertaken by Empire Property Concepts and believes there to be a bright future for both investors and the developer.


Investors Make 27.2% Interest From Empire Property Holdings

A couple of years ago we began introducing our investors to the loan note investment from Doncaster based property developer Empire Property Holdings. The loan notes were purchased by Sophisticated and high net-worth investors and just recently the 2 year anniversary has elapsed and investors have been paid back in full along with their ROI payments.

Those who made an investment have received either 22% or 27.2% ROI depending on which option they chose to invest in.

Paul Rothwell - CEO Of Empire Property Holdings and Empire Property Concepts

Paul Rothwell – CEO Of Empire Property Holdings and Empire Property Concepts

Some said it was too good to be true, others made 27.2% interest!

FJP Investment are proud to deliver yet another success story.

Based in Yorkshire, Empire Property Holdings have completed the 5 developments of the first fund, on time, in only 24 months, bringing hundreds of affordable homes at a time when residential accommodation in the UK is nearing crisis point.

We are pleased to further reward our investors for the initial trust and belief that they have put into us at FJP Investment and Empire Property Holdings through completion.

Whether you needed additional income to support your family or yourself in retirement, or simply wish to make your money start working for you, then you can receive income or opt for the compounded growth option for greater returns.

We have options within the loan note investment from Empire Property Holdings for you to consider.

I am sure we all can agree that 22 – 27.2%, from an armchair investment where all the hassle is dealt with for you, is sensational and we here at FJP are incredibly proud to be part of it.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 4

The proof is in the ‘Yorkshire pudding’.

Empire Property Concepts is the development arm and Empire Property Holdings is the capital raising arm. Empire Property Holdings was formed as an SPV to raise capital to purchase sites that are prime for development by the development arm which is Empire Property Concepts.

Empire Property Concepts was started in September of 2009 by renowned property developer, Paul Rothwell. Utilising the capital raises of Empire Property Holdings, the group now manages in excess of 2,000 residential units throughout the United Kingdom.

Since the company was started in 2009 they have developed their product offering and it is far more than just property development. They are now involved in consultancy, joint ventures and even loans for property, – there is so much positive news and positive actions from Empire Property Holdings/Concepts.

We are delighted to have partnered with Empire and we see a very long relationship between FJP Investment, our investors and Empire Property Holdings.

Empire Property Concepts have recently started work on a new development called Danum House in Doncaster, this development consists of 78 spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, designed to serve the modern living requirements of the expanding population of young professionals living in the town.


Empire House - Empire Property Holdings

Loan Note Investments

All of our loan note investments are available to those investors whom are able to certify that they are either High Net worth or Sophisticated investors as part of our regulatory obligation to the Financial Services And Markets act 2000, you are required to declare the type of investor that you are. However, registering does not commit you to any investment.

We always select the very best opportunities and in turn introduce them to our clients and we at FJP are delighted to declare the partnership with Empire Property Holdings has been a complete success and bodes well for the future.

If you too, would like to invest in other similar offerings from Empire, go ahead and register your interest now.

Our relationship with Empire Property Holdings is very strong, they have always been a great partner of ours to work with and we find them be very honourable and trustworthy in all of their dealings with our investors. The real good thing about Empire Property Holdings is that they have delivered on all of the deals we have put to our clients. They have a 100% success rate.


Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Update June 2017

We are pleased to state that the developments are progressing extremely well according to the business plan as part of the Empire Property Holdings loan note investment.

Empire Property Holdings are one of the UK’s leading provider of loan note based investment opportunities, providing investors with high yielding investment returns. FJP Investment is a proud partner of Empire Property Holdings and we are working closely in delivering funds to develop properties.

As you can see from the below CGI’s, the next three developments will be equally as impressive as the first three.

The King Charles House refinance has just completed & Empire Property Holdings have immediately acquired Thornhill Street. King Charles House also represents one of the fastest ever lettings process, which we think is testament to the finish Empire are achieving.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 2

King Charles House

The development is fully let and the lift refurbishment is due to be completed in the next fortnight.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 3

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 4


The plant equipment has arrived on site and is in the process of being installed.

The communal corridors are being plastered ready for painting and the tiler is in the process of finishing the tiling on the final floor.

The electrical distribution boards for the landlord’s supply are now installed on each floor and the new lift has been ordered.

CCB have made a formal refinance offer & they have instructed their valuation. Empire Property Holdings expect to finish the development works by mid-July. Empire would hope to complete the refinance in early August & are currently negotiating the purchase of the 6th property at present.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 5

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 6

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 7

Newspaper House, Blackburn

Empire Property Holdings are awaiting a formal planning decision on the application but the initial feedback they have received has been positive.

Recent press coverage – Lancashire Telegraph

With this being the first apartment block in Blackburn, Empire are looking for a high specification finish as per the CGIs below.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 8

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 9

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 10

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 11

Thornhill Street, Wakefield

As the property comes with full planning consent to change the current use, Empire have begun works immediately with initial clearing and stripping.

Build progress information and images will follow as usual in the coming updates.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 12

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 13

EPH2 Loan Note Update

The EPH2 raise has continued to be extremely positive and has currently reached full capacity on the 2 year products respectively.

There has been a slight delay in purchasing the next prime site in Halifax due to the separate car park. However, Empire are now simply waiting for confirmation from the vendor’s Solicitor that they hold a signed contract.

Once the contracts have exchanged, we will provide you with full details along with specific computer generated images (CGIs).

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 14

Globe Works

Empire Property Holdings completed the purchase of Globe Works in Bolton on 3rd May 2017.

The Architect has been formally appointed and a meeting has been set up with the Council to discuss discharging the planning conditions and varying the existing plans.

The Structural Engineer has been appointed and the enabling works (scaffolding, sandblasting, pointing) have gone out to tender.

As you can see from the CGIs, Empire are looking to create a Manhattan loft style finish by making use of the large windows and exposed brickwork.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 15

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 16

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 17

For more information about the Empire Property Holdings Loan Note investment  – click here.


Photo Update – Empire Property Holdings – May 2017

Today we are writing to share with you the latest updated photographs from Empire Property Holdings. With several developments, nearing completion we thought it would be a good opportunity to share the latest photographs, here on our blog.

Empire Property Holdings are a proven source of quality investment returns for our investors. We enjoy working with the company as they have an excellent track record in the delivery of excellent high yielding investment opportunities to investors of FJP Investment. There are many opportunities for investors in the United Kingdom, those that are offered by Empire Property Holdings are definitely worthy of your time and consideration.

The New Commerce House refinance has just completed and Empire Property Holdings have immediately acquired Newspaper House in Blackburn with plans in place to develop 66 flats.

King Charles House

The development is almost complete and already partially let even before completion. The remaining work is the lift refurbishment, which is due to be completed within the next month.

The entrance has been modernised with updated paintwork and signage, Empire Property Holdings have also rendered and painted the public walkway to the right, for the benefit of residents and members of the public.

This development is set up for a refinance at the end of May which will then allow Empire to proceed with Thornhill Street.

King Charles HouseKing Charles House

New Commerce House

New Commerce House

The development is now complete and fully let.

New Commerce House Empire Property May UpdateNew Commerce House
Bradshawgate May Update - Empire Property Concepts


The brand-new boiler room equipment has been ordered and is due to be delivered in the next two weeks with an anticipated 3 weeks allocated to fully install it.

Floor preparation has been completed on floors 4 and 5 ready for carpet and floors 2 and 3 are now being prepared.

Empire Property Holdings are currently reviewing quotes for both refurbishment and replacement of the existing lifts.

Bradshawgate May Update

Bradshawgate May Update Bradshawgate

Newspaper House Blackburn - Empire Property Holdings

Newspaper House

Newspaper House, Blackburn

Empire Property Holdings have completed the purchase of Newspaper House and an application has been submitted to build 66 flats with car parking. The feedback received so far has been extremely positive and this will be the first apartment block in Blackburn.

£850,000 – Purchase price
£2,640,000 – Development £40,000 x 66)
£3,490,000 – Total
£429,000 – Income (66 x £125 x 52)

The rear warehouse has been leased back to the Lancashire Telegraph for one year. This does not impact on the development itself.

CGIs have been ordered and will be available for the next update.

Thornhill Street, Wakefield

Empire will be ready to acquire this property as soon as we refinance King Charles House.  The property comes with full planning consent to change the current use to C3 apartments.

Below are the internal CGIs & we will have an external CGI ready for the next update.

£850,000 – Purchase price
£480,000 – Development cost (16 x £30,000)
£1,330,000 – Total
£112,320 – Income (16 x £135 x 52)
£50,000 – Commercial Income
£162,320 – Total income

Wilson House Wakefield

Wilson House Wakefield

Wilson House Wakefield

Wilson House Wakefield

Finally, Empire Property Concepts has just completed another significant project close to its Head Office. Princegate House is situated in a prominent location in the heart of Doncaster town centre.

Key details

    • 8 month conversion
    • 90 self-contained studio and one bedroom apartments
    • Studios let at an average of £155.00 per week inclusive of all bills apart from council tax

The raise has been extremely positive and we currently stand at over £6.5m for the 2nd property bond. As a result, Empire Property Holdings expect to acquire a prime site in Halifax next week. Once contracts have exchanged, we will provide you with full details along with the specific computer generated images (CGIs).

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works

Empire Property Holdings completed the purchase of Globe Works in Bolton on 3rd May 2017.

The key consultants have been appointed to get the site ready for works to commence and the structural engineer has completed the site visit.

Initial comments from the fire consultant are being reviewed with the architect so that the plans can be updated accordingly. Quotes are currently being obtained for the scaffolding for the whole building ready for sand blasting and new windows.

As you can see from the CGIs, Empire are looking to create a Manhattan loft style finish by making use of the large windows and exposed brickwork.

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Globe Works Bolton

Investment Opportunity

2 Year Income

Year 1: Interest at 10% p.a. payable every 6 months.
Year 2: Interest at 12% p.a. payable every 6 months

Total Interest and premium returned OVER 2 years: 22%

2 Year Growth

Year 1: Interest calculated at 10% p.a.
Year 2 (compounded) Interest calculated at 12% p.a.
4% bonus

Total Interest and premium returned AFTER 2 years = 27.2%

4 Year Growth

Year 1-4: Interest calculated at 60% simple interest in year 4.
This is equivalent to an APR of 12.5% for the 4 years.

Total Interest and premium returned AFTER 4 years = 60%

To learn more about this opportunity, click here to find out more and download a brochure.


360° Virtual Reality Site Visit to Empire Property Concepts in Doncaster

Just this past week we have spent a very exciting time with Empire Property Concepts at their head office in Doncaster.

As part of our commitment to only offer the very best investment opportunities, we value the concept of meeting our developers on a regular basis, as we have over the last four years learnt a regular flow of information between the developer, agent and the investor makes for a successful team and a good way of giving real feedback to our clients and potential investors.

Paul Rothwell, owner of Empire Property Concepts began refurbishing property some 13 years ago. The idea initially started 13 years ago with a £15,000 loan from his father, he went out and bought his first property in Nottingham converting the basement into a bedroom and renting out the other rooms to students.

The business grew thanks to the strategy of re-mortgaging a current property once the refurbishment had taken place, he would then extract the cash and use it as a deposit for the next one.

The key to his strategy is staying away from cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham as property prices are expensive in comparison to rents – we have all seen London prices but rental yields are not in keeping with price increases.

A substantial part of the Empire Property Concepts strategy is to buy up commercial property and then convert them into studios and 1 bed properties.

Empire Property Concepts have a track record which has been built over a very long time, in the delivery of quality property developments on behalf of investors that FJP Investment introduce to their range of loan note investments. We have positioned our clients to benefit from the knowledge and know how that Empire Property Concepts extend to our investors.

Empire Property Office Doncaster

Empire House – Doncaster

The building you can see in the picture above is called Empire House.

Up until the point of Empire Property Concepts acquiring the building it was an empty office block that was the former home to an HMRC Tax Office, the building is structurally solid and was purchased for £455,000.

We all agreed that £455,000 could not build a building like this!

In came Empire Property Concepts and they completed the conversion from office block to 24 self-contained studios over a 9-month period. In addition to the studios there are four commercial units on the ground floor, one of those is taken by Empire Property Concepts as their head office.

There was an average cost of £30,000 refurbishment per studio bringing total costs including interest to £1,250,000

Once the refurbishment / conversion was complete the company recoups its investment and consequently the building was valued – this came in at £1,960,000

It is at this stage the company would go to the bank and refinance, using the capital created to do further projects. The studios let for £125 per week inclusive of all bills, this equates to a maximum of £156,000 per annum in rental income along with a maximum of £40,000 in commercial rental income.

Using this strategy, you can see why Empire Property Concepts have only sold 1 property in the last 13 years! There is a far better ROI to be had from re-mortgaging already refurbished property versus taking on a mortgage to purchase and then refurbish a property.

Empire Property End Product 3

The portfolio is focussed mainly on Studios and 1 bedroom flats and often they come fully inclusive of utilities included in the rental price.

360° Virtual Reality – Studio Flat in Doncaster


Empire Property Concepts are currently on track to convert 200 units in the last twelve months. This figure is increasing thanks to the Loan Note Investment that has since been made available to client of FJP.

Investors are able to purchase loan notes as part of the property bonds issued by Empire Property Concepts. Using the same strategy that has built this £33 Million property empire over the last 13 years, you will make use of their contacts as they will invest your money in refurbishment projects throughout the North of England, you will then earn an income on your investment starting at 10% per annum.

The great thing about investing in property bonds, is that you are able to achieve significant returns by virtue of being invested in large scale refurbishment projects that you simply couldn’t do on your own, unless you were investing larger sums of money.

Empire Property Concepts were recently featured in the Telegraph and the Yorkshire Post.

Investment is open to UK and Overseas property investors with the entry level starting at just £20,000


Empire Property Doncaster – February Construction Update

Empire Property Concepts based in Doncaster, England have a construction update to share with investors. There is some really positive news coming with the refinance confirmation and we are expecting the valuations and legal work to start at the end of next week. Once we have further information of the refinance we will update all investors, otherwise we have a construction update to share with you.

The great thing about working with Empire Property Concepts is that they are frequently providing investors status updates to our investors, and this is something we at FJP Investment believe is truly vital in terms of building a relationship for the future. You simply have to communicate with your investors and tell them the story.

All in all the developments that Empire Property Concepts are currently undertaking are proving to be extremely positive and are already receiving significant interest from prospective tenants.

In case you missed it, Empire Property Doncaster was recently covered in the Daily Telegraph recently talking about the £33 million property portfolio that has been built over the last decade.

Paul Rothwell Empire Property Doncaster

Paul Rothwell Empire Property Doncaster

There has been a lot of positive press reports focussing on the impact Empire Property Concepts is having in urban areas, which is about turning unwanted eyesores into clean and modern accommodation.

Empire Property Concepts has been in business the last decade and has so far refurbished more than 1,050 properties. In the last couple of years this process has been accelerated with the launch of the property bond. You can read all about this here: Empire property holdings reviews.

King Charles House

Emerging Property Bond - King Charles House 3

With extra resources applied to King Charles House, it means the project is progressing extremely well. Second fix electrical and plumbing is almost completed.

Empire Property Doncaster - King Charles House Update February 1

Empire Property Doncaster - King Charles House Update February 2

The kitchens are starting to go in and the tilers are working their way through the bathrooms.

Empire Property Doncaster - King Charles House Update February 3

New Commerce House

Emerging Property Bond - New Commerce House 3

We are now into the final push for New Commerce House and minor snagging has now been approved. The flooring was recently completed throughout and furniture has since been ordered for all of the apartments. The external works, which included lighting and CCTV have now been completed.

Shortly, we will receive professional images from Empire Property Concepts which will be of the show flats, these should be with us in the next few weeks.

Empire Property Doncaster - New Commerce House Update February 1

Empire Property Doncaster - New Commerce House Update February 2

The good news is that a local letting agent has already agreed 15 pre-lets which accounts for a good 50% of the development. It is expected that this development will be fully let within a month.

Empire Property Doncaster - New Commerce House Update February 3

63 Bradshawgate

Bradshawgate - Empire Property Holdings - Property Bond

Bradshawgate – Empire Property Holdings – Property Bond

The majority of the kitchens now installed and the tiling of the splash backs well underway. The bathrooms on the 3rd to 5th floors are fully tiled ready for sanitary wear.

The new roof is now complete and marketing the residential units for pre-lets has begun with a national lettings agent.

Empire Property Doncaster - 63 Bradshawgate Update February 1

Empire Property Doncaster - 63 Bradshawgate Update February 2

Empire Property Doncaster - 63 Bradshawgate Update February 3


The decorators are working their way down the building following the second fixes.

You can see from the Computer Generated Images (CGIs) the finish that Empire Property Concepts are hoping to achieve.

Empire Property Doncaster - 63 Bradshawgate Update February 4

Empire Property Doncaster - 63 Bradshawgate Update February 5


Find out more about property investment bonds and learn why this is one of our most popular investment opportunities for 2017.

“Empire Property Holdings” and “Empire Property Holdings 2” were incorporated as special purpose vehicles to acquire commercial properties for development into residential accommodation by the esteemed developer, Empire Property Concepts.


Property Bond UPDATE: Empire Property Holdings 2

This article is being written in response to meetings held last week with directors of the property bond we are currently raising funds for. The Empire Property bond phase 1 sold out at the back end of 2016 and has since launched the second phase aptly named “Empire Property Holdings 2”.

Empire Property Concepts have set up an SPV (Special Purchase Vehicles) for each bond issue and once the funds have been raised the SPV stops accepting investment.

  • The first property bond: Empire Property Holdings £6 Million.
  • The second property bond: Empire Property Holdings 2: £18 Million.

It is worth noting that the number of properties completed over the last 11 years now total an incredible 1,050. Empire Property Concepts fund the majority of their developments themselves, they also make use of funds from the bank where appropriate.

The advantage of using funds from investors is that they can:

  1. Grow quicker
  2. Buy with cash immediately
  3. Refurbish several developments over the lifecycle of the bond.

With the new 4 year option, it means that the investors funds can be used multiple times throughout the 48 month period to fund, develop and repeat.

Globe CGI - Empire Property Concepts

Property Bond Example:

Purchase a building for £1 Million and refurbish it for £600,000 – property is now worth £2.5 Million and they can then refinance the deal at say 70%.

Empire Property Concepts have been working away at the UK property market for the best part of 11 years, the owner of the company is Paul Rothwell and he has built the business since 2004.

Paul has been a successful property developer and investor since 2004, and is a member of the National Landlords Association. He acquired his first property at University and has grown his personal and family property portfolio significantly.

Paul has extensive experience of property acquisition, development management, and a thorough knowledge and understanding of planning, housing and regulation departments, which has led to his successful strategy to acquire and develop land and property.

He has prepared proposals for suitable investments, and has developed a growth strategy utilising both private and commercial investment. Paul has worked tirelessly with planning consultants,architects, and Local Authority Officers, to perfect his HMO strategy, ensure full compliance, and achieve significant rental yields.

Paul transferred the intellectual property he has acquired through his personal portfolio, to a tangible ready to market service. Paul is also the sole shareholder and sole director of Empire Property Concepts Limited (the Developer) and through his role at this company he has generated many useful contacts within the property development, management and investment industry together with multiple income streams from consultancy roles and joint venture arrangements.


The owner and the company itself, clearly know what they are doing when it comes to making money from property. Utilising investors funds means they are able to scale their model at a rapid pace and just as important, they are able to pay a very good return to the investor. Added bonus is that there is a security trustee which is your protection should the company default.

Your position in the deal is as strong as if you were a bank giving the company a mortgage on a property. Knowing the capability of the borrower (the company) we can agree that they are a more than suitable candidate for acquiring the finance.

With investors acting as the bank, it works out as cheap finance for the company over a 24 month period. The company is able to redevelop several developments over the 2 year period and therefore maintain their 100% track record of delivering what they say they will.

Equally for the investor, the returns are very good. This is why it works. The company wins by getting cheap finance and therefore they are able to achieve their commercial objectives, secondly the investor wins by achieving a safe return on his investment capital knowing that he has invested in a secure property bond.

Working with Empire Property Holdings and raising capital for their property bonds has been a great task. They are extremely professional and are steadfast in their approach to wealth generation on behalf of our investors. We are very excited to see how the future develops for this amazing company.


Empire Property Concepts Update – Further Expansion

Joseph Locke House – Empire Property Concepts

Empire Property Concepts have just completed on an excellent property which is one for the future. The company has paid £1.85 million for Joseph Locke House which is currently used as commercial office space. The building was government use and has been purchased by Empire Property Concepts and will undergo a conversion from offices to residential use in early 2017.

The property itself is solid, no issues in terms of structure. It is a very well built property over five levels with more than 45,000 square feet of workable space. The building will continue to provide commercial usage until the expiry of leases to existing tenants.

This purchase is yet another example of the delivery of commercial properties being converted to apartments, providing residential housing all across the north of England.

This particular property was built in 1991 as a five floor property plus a basement as well as two car parks with enough spaces for 130 cars. The property has been used as a Jobcentre and benefits office and the two top floors are currently occupied by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Joseph Locke House is a big, solid building and would have cost a lot more than £1.85 million to build it. With the council already approving a scheme to convert the building into 170 residential units this makes way for a great investment opportunity in the future.

For now the focus is on the current tenants, with the remaining leases expiring in early 2018, the company is focussing on securing some short term commercial tenants prior to the task of converting the building to residential.

Empire Property Concepts is converting on average 200 units per year, the approach taken will be in keeping with the methods employed over the last 11 years.

The Empire Properrty Concepts, issued loan note investment by sister company Empire Property Holdings has proven itself to be a very lucrative and reliable investment for investors seeking wealth generation opportunities. FJP Investment has been instrumental in raising funds and our investors have all benefited from such excellent investment decisions.

Empire Property Investment

In summary, the full £6 million has been raised & the bond has now been closed to new investors.

63 Bradshawgate & New Commerce House are nearing completion as per the update below.

Empire Property are now in the process of formally purchasing King Charles House & should be able to transfer all contractors to the site in an effort to speed up development works.

The next three potential development properties & these are being lined up along with first stage refinance. Further details about this process will be provided over the next few updates.

New Commerce House

New Commerce House Update

Construction works are progressing quickly on all floors. Services have been isolated on all floors & temporary electrical distribution boards have been installed.

The loft is now 1st fixed electrically. Insulation & plasterboard to the walls are complete & skimming is nearing completion.

New Commerce House Update 1

1st floor works are progressing well and 2nd fix electrics have commenced. Plaster-boarding & skimming is complete. All shower trays have been installed & wall tiling is progressing.

Mist coating has progressed & some of the rooms have received their 2nd coat. Empire Property Doncaster have the majority of the kitchen units are on site and are in the process of being installed.

New Commerce House Update 2

Ground floor works are also progressing well with 1st fix electrics & plumbing complete. Plaster skimming is complete in all rooms & mist coating has commenced with some rooms having received a 2nd coat.

The installation of the kitchens has commenced & 2nd fix plumbing is progressing, as is the wall & floor tiling. 2nd fix joinery is progressing & most of the doors have been hung.

New Commerce House Update 3

63 Bradshawgate


Emerging Property Bond - Bradshawgate 3

The windows are now fully installed. The insulation and plasterboard is now complete on all floors which in turn is allowing the skimming to follow on.

63 Bradshawgate Update 1

63 Bradshawgate Update 2

On the 5th floor, 12 en-suites are tiled & have doors fitted. Plaster boarding to the corridor walls is progressing well & and kitchens are now being fitted.

On the 4th floor, corridor walls are 90% complete. Armoured cable installation has commenced & installed to 4 rooms. All floor cores have been formed & ceramic tiling is about to start.

63 Bradshawgate Update 3

On the 3rd floor, all cores in floor have been formed, metal fixed to all ceilings & corridor walls have been boarded.

On the 1st & 2nd floors, all rooms and corridor walls have been plaster boarded. Flooring cores is progressing well & metal has been fixed to all ceilings.

63 Bradshawgate Update 4

For those of you that have visited Empire House, you will have seen first hand the finish routinely achieved.

We will shortly have more details about the next property bond available for you to invest, as soon as we have those details we will share them with our registered investors.


Empire Property Bond Phase 1 Sold Out

The £6 million Empire Property bond was completed on Friday of last week. The company has successfully raised the capital required to close the bond ahead of schedule. The Empire Property bond phase 1 is now closed and within the next 7 days we will see the launch of phase 2.

Empire Property Holdings have since paid out on the first loan note that was raised with partners such as FJP Investment. The Empire Property Holdings loan note investment has proven to be one of the most reliable propositions for investors wanting to generate wealth from the UK property industry. It is a very interesting method of doing business, clearly working for all parties involved in the process.

New Commerce House & 63 Bradshawgate are approximately 75% complete as per the update below and Empire Property Holdings are now in the process of finalising the purchase of their third development, King Charles House.

New Commerce House Update

New Commerce House - Empire Property Holdings

New Commerce House – Empire Property Holdings

Empire Property Holdings (EPH) have made significant progress at New Commerce House. The development is now around 75% complete and works are due to be completed by the end of October.

Health, safety and housekeeping on site is excellent and EPH are on target to meet the original build timescales that were set.

The top floor of New Commerce House is 100% complete up to plaster skin and 80% has the first coat of paint. Loft works to mezzanine is 10% complete to boarding stage and skimming commenced last week. The ground floor is 80% skimmed.

Kitchens will start to be installed by the end of this week on the top floor and the decorators will follow downwards through the development also.

Window refurbishment and internal glazing is being prepared to start on the upper level next week. Some re-glazing will be required to preserve the appearance of the building due to it being in a conservation area.

New Commerce House is currently being refinanced and the capital injection will go back in to the Loan Note to allow EPH to pay investors income and to continue developing further properties.

63 Bradshawgate Update

Bradshawgate - Empire Property Holdings - Property Bond

Bradshawgate – Empire Property Holdings – Property Bond

In addition to New Commerce House, Empire Property Holdings has also made significant progress at 63 Bradshawgate with the lower floors of the project starting to take shape.

The insulation and plasterboard is complete from floors 3 to 5, and 95% complete in floors 1 & 2. Insulation & plasterboard to the ceilings has now commenced, which in turn is allowing the skimming to follow on.

Holes have been cored throughout the entire building. 1st fix electrical & plumbing is complete throughout the building. 

63 Bradshawgate is expected to be completed by the start of November.

63 Bradshawgate is currently being refinanced and the capital injection will go back in to the Loan Note to allow EPH to pay investors income and to continue developing further properties.

Investment Highlights
  • 2-year investment term
  • Year 1 interest fixed at 10%
  • Year 2 interest fixed at 12%
  • Option for bi-annual income or compounded growth
  • Secured by First & Only Legal Charge
  • Automatic Exit Strategy at the end of the term
  • A pioneering developer with a proven track record
  • Developments to be retained within the group portfolio
  • Investment from as little as only £10,000

It is with great pleasure to inform you that the next three development properties have been selected and in the next 7 days we will have the launch of phase 2 for the Empire Property bond.


Empire Property Holdings – Full Property Bond Review

Empire Property Holdings

11 years in the business of developing properties with a view to retain, Empire Property Holdings have amassed somewhere in the region of 650 properties over the last decade. The company has always focussed on developing a properties with a view to retaining them for the longer term.

This makes for an interesting strategy and is sign of an incredible achievement in such a short period of time. The Empire property bond is a short term investment which is just two years in duration, the bond is accessible to investors with entry starting at just £10,000.

In total £6 Million is being raised from investors which will go towards 3 developments. Investors are guaranteed an interest payment of 10% in year one and 12% in year two.

The opportunity of buying and commercial properties throughout towns and cities of the United Kingdom is immense. There are so many amazing commercial properties and such a huge demand for residential property that it really makes sense to re-purpose these underused and undesired commercial properties and breathe more residential properties using the existing stock.

There are two options available to an investor:

Empire Property Bond – Income Option

Investors benefit from a fixed annual return of 10% in the 1st year and 12% in the 2nd year with interest paid every 6 months. At the end of the investment term (2 years), the capital invested is returned in full.

Empire Property Bond – Growth Option

Investors benefit from a fixed annual return of 10% year 1 and 12% year 2, however, the growth bond allows the investor to leave the funds in place until the end of the 2 years when the bond finishes and the investment is returned with a 4% bonus on the original amount invested.

Empire Property Holdings are an established developer of Residential and Commercial properties throughout the United Kingdom. The company has established the property investment bond to provide easy access to property investing for investors seeking diversification.

Empire Property Bond

At a time when banks are being restrictive with their lending, the property investment landscape here in the UK has changed dramatically. It actually works out a lot cheaper for a company like Empire Property Holdings to offer the bond with the fixed returns than it would to go and get finance from the bank.

Typically, Empire Property Holdings is able to redevelop a development and get it refinanced within 12 months. Meaning the two year bond gives ample time for the company to develop several times prior to the maturity date.

  • Double-digit fixed annual returns
  • Asset backed security
  • Income and growth options
  • Fixed yields
  • Hands-off property investment
  • Low entry level
  • No hidden charges or fees

Property Investment Bond

Since the investor is replacing the bank on the financing of the deal, the investor has his/her capital protected via a First and Only Legal Charge on the properties. This is very similar to when you get finance from the bank, if you don’t pay the mortgage, the bank is going to come in and reposes the asset.

Therefore if the company goes bust, the assets are protected which in turn means your investment is secured.

Since the company was established as a special purchase vehicle, setup to acquire commercial property and then turn them into residential accommodation utilising the sister company, Empire Property Concepts. Empire is a special developer with an undisputed proven track record in both developing and letting properties to the market.

Empire Property Doncaster is in the business of sourcing suitable commercial properties in prominent towns and cities and then utilising the funds to redevelop the asset into high standard residential accommodation.

In general the company is able to purchase commercial properties and have them redeveloped into self-contained single or multi-occupancy properties that have been and are providing significant yields.

Example Investment £50,000 – Income Option:

2 year investment total return: 22%

6 month anniversary £2,500

12 month anniversary £2,500

18 month anniversary £3,000

24 month anniversary £3,000

Total returns £11,000 plus investment capital back.

Example Investment £50,000 – Growth Option:

2 year anniversary total capital is paid: 27.2%

£50,000 x 10%=£5,000

£55,000 x 12%=£6,600

£50,000 x 4%=£2,000

Total returns £13,600 plus investment capital back.

Key players in the property bond:

NCM Fund Services Ltd: The Security Trustee will act as agent and security trustee on behalf of the Note holders in connection with the Debenture.

DLP Planning: DLP provides Empire with planning consultancy on all projects undertaken. DLP provide the initial appraisal of all subject development sites, upon which a purchase decision and entry price is determined.

The property is either then developed using permitted development rights or full planning. DLP also deal with the discharge of conditions on approval and liaise directly with the local authorities.

Jackson Barrett & Gass: Jackson Barrett & Gass is an award winning law firm who specialise in property. They will deal with all conveyancing matters & ensure sound legal title for stakeholder security.

Brownill Vickers: Brownill Vickers are a large Sheffield firm of surveyors who have a good understanding of the local market and provide surveying and valuation services to Empire projects.

JMW: JMW is one of the North West’s leading full service law firms.They are responsible for the Loan Note & Information Memorandum (IM).

If you are looking for more information about the deal or perhaps a general review of everything, further information can be found by visiting the property investment bond page.