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Investors Make 27.2% Interest From Empire Property Holdings

A couple of years ago we began introducing our investors to the loan note investment from Doncaster based property developer Empire Property Holdings. The loan notes were purchased by Sophisticated and high net-worth investors and just recently the 2 year anniversary has elapsed and investors have been paid back in full along with their ROI payments.

Those who made an investment have received either 22% or 27.2% ROI depending on which option they chose to invest in.

Paul Rothwell - CEO Of Empire Property Holdings and Empire Property Concepts

Paul Rothwell – CEO Of Empire Property Holdings and Empire Property Concepts

Some said it was too good to be true, others made 27.2% interest!

FJP Investment are proud to deliver yet another success story.

Based in Yorkshire, Empire Property Holdings have completed the 5 developments of the first fund, on time, in only 24 months, bringing hundreds of affordable homes at a time when residential accommodation in the UK is nearing crisis point.

We are pleased to further reward our investors for the initial trust and belief that they have put into us at FJP Investment and Empire Property Holdings through completion.

Whether you needed additional income to support your family or yourself in retirement, or simply wish to make your money start working for you, then you can receive income or opt for the compounded growth option for greater returns.

We have options within the loan note investment from Empire Property Holdings for you to consider.

I am sure we all can agree that 22 – 27.2%, from an armchair investment where all the hassle is dealt with for you, is sensational and we here at FJP are incredibly proud to be part of it.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 4

The proof is in the ‘Yorkshire pudding’.

Empire Property Concepts is the development arm and Empire Property Holdings is the capital raising arm. Empire Property Holdings was formed as an SPV to raise capital to purchase sites that are prime for development by the development arm which is Empire Property Concepts.

Empire Property Concepts was started in September of 2009 by renowned property developer, Paul Rothwell. Utilising the capital raises of Empire Property Holdings, the group now manages in excess of 2,000 residential units throughout the United Kingdom.

Since the company was started in 2009 they have developed their product offering and it is far more than just property development. They are now involved in consultancy, joint ventures and even loans for property, – there is so much positive news and positive actions from Empire Property Holdings/Concepts.

We are delighted to have partnered with Empire and we see a very long relationship between FJP Investment, our investors and Empire Property Holdings.

Empire Property Concepts have recently started work on a new development called Danum House in Doncaster, this development consists of 78 spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, designed to serve the modern living requirements of the expanding population of young professionals living in the town.


Empire House - Empire Property Holdings

Loan Note Investments

All of our loan note investments are available to those investors whom are able to certify that they are either High Net worth or Sophisticated investors as part of our regulatory obligation to the Financial Services And Markets act 2000, you are required to declare the type of investor that you are. However, registering does not commit you to any investment.

We always select the very best opportunities and in turn introduce them to our clients and we at FJP are delighted to declare the partnership with Empire Property Holdings has been a complete success and bodes well for the future.

If you too, would like to invest in other similar offerings from Empire, go ahead and register your interest now.

Our relationship with Empire Property Holdings is very strong, they have always been a great partner of ours to work with and we find them be very honourable and trustworthy in all of their dealings with our investors. The real good thing about Empire Property Holdings is that they have delivered on all of the deals we have put to our clients. They have a 100% success rate.