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Four Tips to Boost Property Value

The aim for most is to boost property value without breaking the bank, but how can this be achieved?

Rental income is related to the value of the property, so the higher the value, the more income from rent. Likewise, properties that are considered to be of higher quality will more likely secure a better selling price. Whether selling or renting, the value of your property can be increased if you take some basic steps to entice buyers and renters to the property. The key to achieving this increased value of property boils down to whether you can create a place that others will find hard to resist. In other words, strive to create the wow factor.

Don’t stress over thinking about how this can be achieved, it’s far simpler than you have probably imagined. Here are four tips that you can implement that will go a long way towards creating a place that buyers and renters will find hard to resist. By giving your property an instant face-lift, you will greatly improve your chances of achieving the price or rent that you are looking for.

Paint the outside

“First impressions count,” said Jamie Johnson, CEO at FJP Investment. “Painting the exterior of the house is a good place to start because it is the one that can have the most impact. The outside of the property is one of the first things that meets the eye. It sets the tone for interested parties visiting the property before they even get a chance to see inside the house. If the inside looks great but the outside looks shabby, their mood has already been dampened and this will colour their later perceptions.” This is the essence of “kerb appeal,” making the property attractive and appealing as seen from the street to boost property value.

Kerb appeal can be achieved by taking numerous steps. Keeping the exterior looking clean and tidy, like sweeping away leaves and other mess, placing the bins in places out of sight where they are not an eyesore, can produce unpleasant smells. Also, keeping the grassy areas and the driveway looking great are important. However, the one thing that will have a more significant impact on visitors will be the bright-looking and clean walls.

It’s not just the exterior walls you should consider, you should also give a fresh coating of paint to woodwork like fences. And don’t neglect sprucing up the front door and brickwork. Since the front door is the gateway to your kingdom, does it look fresh, vibrant and welcoming?

Tend to the garden

Although the house itself is the focus of attention, don’t ignore the garden. Nothing exists in isolation; a great looking exterior and interior won’t look right set against a shabby, neglected looking garden. Imagine going to the office all suited and booted but neglecting to brush your hair. What will people notice more, the thousand-pound suit or the messy hair?

For many, the garden area is not a burden that needs attending to on a regular basis; it is regarded as valuable space, something akin to another room but outside. During the warmer months, the garden area is a special place where people meet and socialise, even more so under pandemic conditions where outside meeting is considered as a safer option. Lots of memories are created in the garden, which is probably why the garden area holds a special place in many people’s hearts. A well-tended garden will speak to visitors as an attractive feature that can help boost property value.

Other straightforward ways to help include: if you have old, damaged or rusty garden furniture, consider replacing it with new stuff if it is in bad condition, or giving it a fresh coat of paint if it is salvageable. Cut back and trim bushes and remove dead or dying ones. Keep the lawns cut and tidy, making sure that there is no rubbish laying around.

Utilise space

Every space in the property has potential, no matter where it is. A cupboard, a small and unused bedroom, they can all be used to maximise your house’s potential.

Boost Property Value - Bedroom

A large cupboard, for example, could be extended to store things, giving more room in places that you intend to use more. A large cupboard could also be stripped and emptied, and a small home office set up could be created with a computer desk, printer, and filing shelves. And for the heavy readers, it could also be converted into a library area.

Some houses have small bedrooms that may be a turn off to potential renters and buyers, who may see this space as wasteful and unusable. But with some creative thinking and action, you could present this space as something valuable and an asset. It could be converted into home office space, something that is in higher demand since the pandemic has ushered in a new era of hybrid working. Indeed, even with the gradual return to work, many companies now accept that virtual working has become a permanent part of their standard way of working. By choosing the right colour and fittings, you could make the room look a lot bigger than it really is.

Kitchen renovation

For many prospective renters and buyers, the kitchen area is a special focus; it could even be the deciding factor in whether to buy. It goes without saying that the appliances should be in working order and in good condition. Keeping the kitchen spotless is a must and pay special attention to the floor and around the cooker area.

For more involved work on the kitchen, a full and costly renovation may not be necessary. For starters, you can repaint kitchen cabinets to give them a fresh and vibrant look. Another aspect that gives the impression of uncleanliness or neglect is old and tatty or damaged fittings, like taps and handles which are relatively cheap and easy to replace.


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