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3 reasons fixed return investment options might suit your lifestyle

3 reasons fixed return investment options might suit your lifestyle

What kind of investment is better for your lifestyle? A long-term investment focusing on serious growth, a fixed return investment for security, short-term opportunities to try and capitalise on immediate returns or other?

There are so many opportunities out there for investors of any and every background to consider. That’s why, for our money, the potential growth opportunities afforded by fixed return investment options are some of the best around, especially as part of a bespoke investment portfolio.

Fixed Return Investment Options

Consider the Schroders Global Investor Study 2016, which surveyed 20,000 end investors in 28 countries to discover more information about individual investor habits. It makes for interesting reading, with Schroders finding that, globally, a majority of investors have unrealistic expectations on their potential returns which is especially true for millennial investors.

Investors aged 36 and above had a desired level of income of 8.4% every year, with millennials expecting 10.2%.

There are also varying short-term investment biases between generations according to the report – overall though, different generations of investors have a demand for income in common, with people mainly investing to boost their pensions and supplement their salaries.

We have always found that the type of investor going for our fixed return investment deals, are those seeking certainty with their investment capital. They are not looking for investments that are subject to performance, they want to know how much is the investment, how long it is for and indeed the rate of return.

Which is why considering fixed return investment options can be such a good idea for investors looking to get regular returns from their savings on a consistent basis. The truth is that each and every investors’ wants and needs are totally different.

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Loan Note Investment

Choosing the right fixed return investment can be a bespoke investment opportunity that works for people not just financially, but suits their overall lifestyles, too.

So, what are the advantages of a fixed return investment and how can they benefit people looking to grow their savings in unique ways?

1: A fixed return investment can supplement income

Investors looking to put their savings into a fixed opportunity will be able to find a lot of options to consider on the market. By putting their money into a fixed opportunity such as a bond, their savings have the potential to steadily grow over time, allowing investors to supplement their income in a variety of fixed return projects to provide them with a steady stream of income.

2: It can help introduce investors to alternatives

There are also a lot of fixed return opportunities in the booming alternative investment marketplace. There are various specific alternative industries out there in the marketplace that can offer potentially large fixed returns if the right research is done, trends are identified and followed. That can help investors to diversify their portfolios and align themselves with opportunities more in line with their ethical values.

3: Potentially large growth opportunities with expert advice

Like investors themselves, each and every fixed investment opportunity is different and has its own terms and conditions. Like every investment opportunity too, capital is as much at risk in a fixed return opportunity as any other.

Joseph Locke House Barnsley
Joseph Locke House Barnsley

By partnering with an expert consultancy firm heavily experienced in building bespoke fixed investment solutions for clients though, investors can have access to a well of experience, diversify and build on their investment portfolio with fixed opportunities that reflect their personal and professional lifestyles.

Find out more about the benefits of fixed return investments by speaking to FJP Investments’ expert team of consultants today.


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