Enlightening Media Investment

Enlightening Media is a Dubai based advertising company which is providing investor access to the profitable outdoor billboard industry.

Investors are investing in revolutionary LED billboards in prime locations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Halifax UK, Hong Kong, Liverpool, Miami and New York.

Enlightening Media purchase static billboards which are already operational, the company will then convert those billboards into LED billboards therefore maximising the allure for high end brand potential advertisers.

The static billboards which are purchased are always in prime locations such as Sheikh Zayed Road and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Enlightening Media conducts extensive research on locations where they can convert existing static billboards with proven revenue streams into LED billboards from which revenue streams can then increase 10-fold.


We all know of the world famous Dubai, current holder of the world record for holding the most world records.

Dubai is a city of unimaginable buildings, bright lights, unbelievable opportunities to do what you wouldn’t believe possible and some spectacular traditional print billboards.

The upgrading to digital technology is in its infancy in Dubai, only recently have LED displays begun to appear in prominent locations.

Throughout 2016 and early 2017 we have seen LED digital displays appear in key locations, typically an LED advertising board will loop 6 adverts per minute….

Sheikh Zayed Road is the busiest highway in Dubai with 6 lanes each side with more than 500,000 cars travelling it each day, and sitting prominently at the Dubai Mall Interchange, Dubai Site 1 is located at one of the very busiest sections of the highway.

The two existing static boards are being replaced by new LED Digital Display boards.

Enlightening Media Investment Dubai

The Opportunity

Never before has this new and exciting market been made available to the retail investor, with LED digital display advertising boards costing millions of dollars each, traditionally only big organisations have been able to enter the market.

Savvy investors worldwide will easily recognise the business model of outdoor advertising, whether you have seen an advert for a new phone, or your local supermarket, outdoor advertising is an integral part of everyday life and the advertisers know that the more prominent their advertising the more revenue it makes !

Understanding the sheer scale of this opportunity makes this structure very simple for investors to understand, offering lucrative returns on their investment capital.

The Enlightening Media offering is a unique media investment opportunity designed to offer investors access to the newest and most exciting development in outdoor adverting.

In 2014, outdoor advertising spend worldwide reached $34.8 billion, which represents 6.8% of worldwide advertising spend, an equivalent of $513 billion.

Enlightening Media Investment Billboard

2 Units

  • 2 or 6 year exit option
  • 8% fixed NET returns
  • Income paid annually
  • Resell at anytime
  • Variable return available after year 2

8 Units

  • 2 or 6 year exit option
  • 10% fixed NET returns
  • Income paid annually
  • Resell at anytime
  • Variable return available after year 2

50 Units

  • 2 or 6 year exit option
  • 12% fixed NET returns
  • Income paid annually
  • Resell at anytime
  • Variable return available after year 2

Investment Introduction

FJP Investment is proud to introduce our investors to the Enlightening Media investment – this is the first opportunity for retail investors to get involved with the lucrative market of outdoor advertising.

Investing in an ever expanding and exciting new development such as outdoor advertising makes perfect financial sense for investors worldwide. Outdoor advertising has long been a highly profitable industry and Enlightening Media is proud to make it accessible to all, with fractional ownership displays being available to purchase in some of the busiest part of the planet for just $40,000.

New Beginnings
Outdoor advertising is at the beginning of a large transformation from traditional static Billboards to Digital High Definition LED Display Boards.

The dynamism and flexibility of a Digital Outdoor Billboard is increasing the market share in this highly effective advertising media.

Fractional Share Ownership
Enlightening Media believe the company fractional ownership structure is the best model to offer investors low risk, strong and solid returns and low entry levels to participate, ensuring this exciting investment is accessible to all.

Investment Returns

Fractional ownership of a digital outdoor LED advertising display board is available to purchase with an initial fixed rental return for the first two years of 8% per annum.

After the first two years the investor has the option to extend for the remaining 4 years at the existing rate of return of 8%, alternatively investors can opt for 2/3 split of revenue at a projected 25 to 30% for the remaining 4 years of the contract.

Each digital outdoor advertising display board is owned by a separate company, with investors receiving a company share certificate of ownership. The company in which the investors own their shares will hold the asset ensuring investors have full control of their investment.

Location, Location, Location
Enlightening Media will be contracting to various site locations based in America, Europe and The Middle East before the end of 2018, the road map is to secure strategic sites in some of the busiest cities on the planet.

This strategy will allow for premium advertising rates to be applied to the media space, whilst allowing for an investor to purchase their fractional share.

Guaranteed buy back at year 2 at 115% of your capital or 112% of your capital at the end of the six year term.

Key Features

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Provide proof of identity and address
  3. Transfer funds direct to Enlightening Media
  4. Purchase pack is issued
  5. Pack is counter signed by both parties
  6. Once received by the administration, share certificate is issued and return is paid
  7. Returns are paid in advance for years 1 and 2
$34.8 billion

spent on outdoor advertising worldwide in 2014.

$513 billion

spent on advertising worldwide in 2014.

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