Enlightening Media Investment - Sheikh Zayed Road

Why People Are Investing In Enlightening Media Dubai For Income?

FJP Investment has a long sucessful history of working with investors to secure prized assets in the commercial property sector giving good returns.

Dubai we are sure is deemed high on the list of the global investor interested in the investment market. it is said that Dubai is truly a city of unimaginable buildings, bright light and an array of traditional print billboards.

With the city’s population increasing year on year, we are seeing signs of a more mature market, investors are more educated, we are seeing investors flooding into the market and year on year we are receiving increased demand from overseas investors.

We aim to provide you, the investor, with an insight into the world of LED digital display billboards, as the vehicle for your next investment.

Investing in the advertising industry has risen significantly in popularity over the last decade, we have seen that significant volumes of capital are being made available by our network of investors for commercial deals in prime areas such as Dubai, Miami and New York. The appetite for making such investment is high because of the downturn in the equities markets, and therefore find significant numbers of investors are going back to basics and opting for the innovative investment options such as the Enlightening Media investment in Dubai.

FJP Investment has access to prime real estate in areas such as two locations on the Sheikh Zayed Road and a further location at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and in these two areas, we are talking prime locations that have a very high volume of passing trade.

The outdoor advertising industry is changing and Enlightening Media Dubai is taking full advantage of this shift, especially in Dubai where we are seeing static billboards being updated to LED Digital displays. This shift has been happening over the last 12 months and as an example, you will have 6 adverts looping every minute. Still, the best news is that they are able to show case video as well as images instead of one static image, which ordinarily would need to be manually placed on the billboard.

Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the busiest highways in Dubai, some 500,000 cars are travelling up and down the road each day. Sitting prominently at the Dubai Mall Interchange, the site is located at one of the very busiest sections of the highway.

Enlightening Media Investment - Sheikh Zayed Road

Enlightening Media Investment – Sheikh Zayed Road

Market Research

  • Static Poster Board Sheikh Zayed Road
  • 1 face only
  • 72 Square Metres
  • $44,000 per month
  • LED Board on Sheikh Zayed Road
  • 1 of 6 adverts shared
  • 72 Square Metres
  • $246,000 per month

Investing in Enlightening Media Dubai

Enlightening Media is offering a very unique media investment opportunity which is open to investors from all over the world.

Investors worldwide are purchasing fractional shares in Outdoor advertising displays. Typically, a static billboard is purchased and then upgraded into an LED Ultra High Definition Display board which is then changed to displaying videos and images, looping at defined periods.

FJP Investment is servicing the needs of hundreds of investors every year. Our investors are based in Europe, the Middle East and Asia although we do welcome clients from all corners of the globe. We work with all investors to provide the service you desire and demand from a discerning company such as ours.

Each fractional shares is available to purchase at $10,000 with the minimum purchase set at $20,000. Investors will earn a fixed income of between 8 and 10% for the first two years and then a projected 25% to 30% in years 3 to 6.

How to make an investment?

Each share at Dubai site 1 is available to purchase for $10,000 ( minimum of 2 shares )
Investing in Enlightening Media is very simple when you work with an approved agent such as FJP Investment having had years of experience in working with investors from all corners of the earth. The team at FJP is well versed in asking the right questions of our product providers and ensuring our investors get the best they can.

Investors are currently receiving +8% return on investment per year with the options to exit the investment after years 2 and 6.

FJP Investment is able to provide further information about the Enlightening Media Investment.