Care Home Investments


The Carlauren Group acquire, renovate and operate premier luxury care accommodation in affluent areas of the United Kingdom, providing 5-star levels of care and service to residents aged 65+ who self-fund their care.

With the UK population ageing and placing increasing levels of pressure on existing care accommodation, the end user demand for care home investment opportunities is clear for all to see and in the future the demand is set to increase.

The Carlauren Group are in the market for properties and renovate them to a luxury standard. the company then operates them efficiently using the specialist care provider Caring Communities. The Care Homes 5-star care facilities for self-funding resident who require professional nursing with a desire for a high standard of customer service.

There are a range of options on the table for the elderly, ranging from assisted living apartments to residential, nursing and dementia care in specialist care based studios, ensuring the residents needs can be looked after throughout their later years as and when their care needs change.

Care Home Investment

For the next 20 years we are expecting to see an increase in the number of people reaching the retirement age, people aged 85 and above is expected to grow by 106%.

At present, the number of care beds in the United Kingdom is currently on the decline, with a retirement home investment opportunity providing important infrastructure, there has been a lack of investment in the care sector which has created much more demand for nursing homes.

An acute shortfall in the number of beds is expected by early 2020.

The situation is clear – new facilities are urgently required and the need to cater for a retiring generation that has higher expectations and indeed the resources to fund their own care.

Nursing home investment opportunities represent an ethical option for investors to enjoy superb returns while also supporting the vital social infrastructure.


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Nursing Home Investment Opportunities

Investors are able to purchase the leaseholds of individual room within nursing homes at a 30% discount, on completion, investors have three options with regards to earning an income:

Option 1: Investor as Landlord
Receive rental income based on the studio’s market rate, with a developer’s cash-back on completion to cover the period of refurbishment works.
Income will then be paid when the studio is occupied.

Option 2: Managed Service
Receive a 10% fixed monthly income by using a lease management company, this will safeguard income regardless of whether the bedroom is occupied or not.

Option 3: Self Occupancy
An investor may choose to pay the full market price for the studio, either for their own use or for a family member

Investors can choose to switch between these options at any time