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Is alternative investing the answer to people's retirement problems?

Is alternative investing the answer to people’s retirement problems?

Saving for retirement is one of the biggest cross-generation problems facing Britons at the moment.

With the right advice, planning an investment strategy though, opening up your portfolio to alternative investing can potentially alleviate those fears and help savers grow their wealth in unique ways.

A recent study commissioned through YouGov has discovered that 56% of women have yet to begin saving for retirement. The data also suggests that approximately 44% of men and women are worried that they haven’t been able to save anywhere near enough money for a comfortable retirement during their working lives.

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At the same time, 50% of people in the final 10 years of their working lives have admitted to a sense of jealousy surrounding the finances of those who have already stopped working according to data from Prudential. So, how can finding the right alternative investing asset classes help to improve a person’s pension pot?

How to grow your savings through alternative investing

With research from Aviva highlighting that the UK pension gap stands at £311 billion per year, a 40-year-old will have to save approximately £4,100 a year, just for them to have an adequate standard of living during their retirement years. That’s a very real proposition for people who have yet to start saving at all for retirement.

Consider research from Age UK too which has discovered that nearly 8 million people aged between 40 and 64 will not be able to retire when they reach the state pension age of 65, with over a third of those surveyed saying they expect to still be doing the same hours in the same job at the time they qualify.

So, how could alternative investing help people to improve the value of their savings and generate wealth for them to retire in comfort? The alternative investment scene is one that continues to attract attention from savers thanks to the potentially large returns they can provide in a short period of time, especially for those who are fast approaching the age of retirement.

Investing in the right alternative investing asset classes for you

Alternative investing is a way of making your money work for you in while identifying growth opportunities in markets that are on the fringe of the mainstream investment industry.

As an example, the classic cars scene is currently one of the more popular alternative asset classes on the market today, seeing 192% of growth in the past decade. That particular market can produce serious returns for investors – again though, only if they invest wisely, research the market, gauge trends and invest in portfolio items most suitable for them and their needs.

FJP Investments is a professional alternative investment service run by a dedicated team of qualified experts with intricate knowledge of the alternative industry.

Our team provides a bespoke consultative approach and is passionate about partnering investors with secure alternative growth opportunities that will not only work best for them, but provide them with the best potential returns for their needs and budget.

Want to know more about alternative investing and how educated investment opportunities could help boost your retirement funds? Contact FJP Investments today to find out more.

We believe that with typical investments failing to provide decent returns, our alternative investment options are definitely a worthy contender for someone interested in making investments. The option of holding cash and doing very little with it is surely not a possibility?


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