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FJP Investment Ltd

Investing Made Easy

We include so many features, ideas and options
that provide endless possibilities for your capital

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Store First

Amazingly Flexible

More than 1,331,668 SQ FT of investors capital has been
developed so far yielding over £35,838,467 in returns

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2014: FJP Investment

Being The Best

We absolutely rely on our clients being satisfied
with the choices they make. 2014 is OUR year

Our People

FJP Investment brings together many years of experience, entwining our personal and professional standards. The presentation of information is always structured towards allowing our clients to make their own informed decisions they can trust.

Our Products

Each product is hand-picked, then passed through our strict due-diligence process. Our on-going product evaluations ensure your money is safely invested today and for the future. We are constantly striving to find opportunities that suit our clients needs and portfolios.

Our Clients

Although portfolio decisions are ultimately implemented at the direction of the client, our process is focused on identifying investment themes, that allow for the realistic assessment of risk and the establishment of return expectations.

  • Investment Updates

    We pride ourselves on implementing regular communication, as we recognise it as a trait, which will ultimately separate us at FJP Investment from the rest.


    Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is the UK government-approved personal pension scheme which you are able to invest in many of our products.

  • Hands-off Investments

    We have hand-picked investments that allow you to invest, sit back and receive your guaranteed return on investment with out leaving your armchair.

  • Alternative Investments

    An alternative investment is an investment product other than the traditional investments of stocks, bonds, cash or property. Our Cemetery investment is innovation!

Find out more about the latest investment opportunities from FJP Investment

Jason W.

I have been using FJP for various investments and have found the service to be second to none, I am appreciative of the time that is given to me by all departments of the company Thank you FJP Investment!

Jason W.Sussex
Susan James

My consultant at FJP Investment has been the most helpful.

Susan JamesBirmingham
Phillip Davidson

I tend to wait for the opportunities sent to me by this company and then decide if the investment is for me – never harassed and always treated respectfully a pleasure to deal with people who put my situation first.

Phillip DavidsonManchester