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What are Completion Statements?

Table of Contents

  • What is a Completion Statement?
  • Breaking Down the Components of a Completion Statement
  • Main Costs
  • Variable Factors
  • Timing: When Do You Receive a Completion Statement?
  • Why It’s Essential to Review Your Completion Statement
  • Concluding Thoughts

What is a Completion Statement?

Venturing into the UK property market? A myriad of jargon, forms, and paperwork await you. However, among the sea of documents, one stands out, paramount in its importance: the completion statement. Picture it as a magnifying glass, elucidating each transaction detail. Instead of getting lost in the labyrinth of numbers, the completion statement acts as your guiding star, shedding light on the financial intricacies of your investment.

Jamie Johnson, the CEO of FJP Investment, once remarked, “Navigating the property market without understanding your completion statement is like setting out to sea without a compass. It’s not just a document; it’s your financial North Star.”

Breaking Down the Components of a Completion Statement

To truly comprehend the significance of the completion statement, it’s imperative to dissect its elements. Each component of the completion statement serves a distinct purpose, contributing to the whole.

Main Costs:

  • Property Price: This isn’t just a number. It’s the heart of your transaction. The amount you’re willing to pay for a property speaks volumes about its value and potential returns.
  • Deposit: Before diving deep into the property waters, you leave a marker at the shore. This initial commitment symbolises your genuine interest and is often a reflection of your financial standing.
  • Fixture Expenses: Imagine stepping into a property and falling in love with its aesthetics, only to later realise that some of those captivating elements weren’t part of the deal. Fixture expenses provide clarity, distinguishing between what’s included and what’s an added cost.
  • Mortgage Advance: Every property journey has its enablers. The mortgage advance is like the wind beneath your investment wings, the amount your lender provides, ensuring you reach your desired destination.
  • Conveyancer Fees: Your legal guide deserves their due. This fee is a nod to their expertise and the intricate web of legalities they navigate on your behalf. Think of it as payment for a seasoned explorer guiding you through an unknown jungle.
  • Stamp Duty: The property world’s toll fee. It’s the government’s way of overseeing and facilitating your journey, ensuring the roadways (or in this case, properties) maintain their value and structure.

Variable Factors:

  • Leasehold Properties: Dive deeper into the world of properties, and you’ll encounter variations like leasehold. Here, you’re not just paying for the space but the environment it thrives in. Ground rent and service charges become relevant, ensuring that communal spaces and services are maintained.
  • Shared Ownership or New Builds: Venturing into the property market is akin to exploring different terrains. Whether you’re co-owning a space or investing in a newly erected structure, the financial details adjust accordingly. These scenarios introduce unique costs and benefits, much like different paths in a forest, each leading to a distinct experience.
  • Equity Transfers: For those with an advanced compass, shifting equities is like the art of changing your investment vessel mid-journey. It’s a tactic not many might employ, but when done right, can alter the course of your investment voyage.

Timing: When Do You Receive a Completion Statement?

What are Completion Statements?

One of the burning questions in the minds of many embarking on the property journey is, “When exactly will I receive this pivotal document?” The timing of the arrival of the completion statement is akin to awaiting a crucial act in a theatre performance. It holds the answers, the climax of all preceding events.

Between the buzzing energy of the contract exchange and the final crescendo of completion, this all-important document makes its appearance. The specific time frame varies, as conveyancers, much like chefs, have their own unique recipe for when they deem it perfect to serve. However, think about it: wouldn’t you prefer your compass at the onset of your journey, rather than mid-way? Receiving it earlier, rather than later, allows you to chart your course with precision, anticipating turns and pitfalls.

Why It’s Essential to Review Your Completion Statement

You’ve waited, and it’s finally here. But the journey doesn’t end with just receiving the completion statement. No, that’s just the beginning of another crucial phase. Why, you ask? Well, consider this: would a detective stop at just gathering clues without piecing them together?

While the completion statement paints a comprehensive picture, there might be minor inconsistencies or discrepancies. These seemingly tiny nuances can, if left unchecked, evolve into considerable obstacles down the line. The property realm is ever evolving, with factors like sudden stamp duty alterations or unforeseen chain delays that can cause ripples in your transaction pool. These changes can impact the details of your statement, and any deviations need to be spotted and rectified promptly.

Thus, reviewing the completion statement is not just recommended; it’s essential. It’s your final check, ensuring that your property journey, from start to finish, remains seamless and error-free.

Concluding Thoughts

Stepping back and looking at the grand tapestry of property investment, it becomes abundantly clear how central the role of the completion statement is. It’s not just a piece of paper; it’s a reflection of your journey, your commitment, and the myriad details that make up your investment story.

The nuances of timing, the imperative nature of thorough review, all point to one undeniable fact: the completion statement is the unsung hero of property transactions. As you delve deeper into the world of property, ensure this document remains your trusty companion, guiding you every step of the way, ensuring clarity, precision, and the promise of a successful investment voyage. Safe journeys and prosperous ventures await!


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