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Where to Call Home?

Country Calm vs. City Buzz: Where to Call Home?

A Tale of Two Settings

Welcome to the quintessential debate that has puzzled many over cups of tea and dinner conversations: Should one opt for the serene countryside, with its open spaces and tranquil vibe, or embrace the energetic pulse of urban life, bustling with activity and opportunities? In other words: Where to Call Home? This decision transcends mere preferences for quiet over noise or the solitude of sparse populations versus the dynamic buzz of crowded places. It’s deeply personal, touching the core of what makes us tick, where we see ourselves thriving, and the backdrop to the life we yearn to live. Imagine the serene awakening to birdsong in a rural haven or the vibrant energy of the city greeting you each morning. Through this exploration, we aim to peel back the layers of what life offers on both sides of this choice, illuminating the path to where your heart feels most at home.

The Essence of Rural Existence

Envision a canvas painted with the lush hues of the countryside – rolling hills stretching into the distance, fields of green that wave in the breeze, and a night sky so clear, the stars feel within reach. This isn’t merely a setting; it’s a lifestyle choice emblematic of a slower rhythm of life, a profound connection to the natural world around us. In the UK, rural living means integrating into a landscape that changes with the seasons, where nature dictates the pace and offers a peaceful retreat from the whirlwind of modern existence.

The Bright Sides of Country Life



The allure of rural living is woven from a tapestry of simple yet profound pleasures. Imagine stepping into a world where peace reigns supreme, where the silence is so profound you can hear the flutter of a butterfly’s wings or the distant call of an owl at night. This is the essence of country life, where nature’s bounty offers not just stunning vistas for the eyes but a tranquillity that soothes the soul. The community aspect cannot be overlooked either; in the countryside, relationships run deep, forged from a shared connection to the land and the rhythms of rural life. Your neighbours are more than just faces; they’re the fabric of a close-knit tapestry, where stories and lives intertwine. And let’s not overlook the tangible benefits – the luxury of space, both personal and communal. Gardens where one can delve into the earth, spaces where children can roam free, all offer a quality of life that’s increasingly rare in our crowded urban centres.

Where to Call Home?

The Downsides of Countryside Tranquillity

Yet, for all its idyllic charm, the rural dream carries with it certain realities that one must consider. The very essence of its tranquillity – the remoteness and the sweeping landscapes – means that amenities we often take for granted in urban areas can be a journey away. The local grocery store, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues might require a drive, making spontaneity a bit more planned. Public transport, often the lifeline of urban existence, might be sporadic or non-existent, making personal transport not just a convenience but a necessity. And for those looking to carve out a career or change paths, the opportunities in rural settings may be fewer, with industries and professional landscapes more limited than in their urban counterparts. This doesn’t diminish the rural experience but adds a layer of consideration for those pondering this life choice.

The Heartbeat of Urban Existence

Let’s shift focus to the vibrant heart of urban existence, where life pulsates with an unending rhythm, akin to being in the midst of a festival that never pauses. Here, in the concrete jungles, the city buzzes with a blend of tradition and modernity, each street corner brimming with stories waiting to be told. The fabric of urban life is woven with threads of diversity and dynamism, painting a picture of a community that thrives on the melding of cultures, opportunities, and experiences that span the spectrum of human creativity and ambition.

Urban Living: The Upsides

The magnetic pull of city life is irresistible for many. Imagine stepping out of your front door to find a world where convenience is king; supermarkets, boutiques, medical facilities, and schools, all just a stone’s throw away. The professional landscape is rich with possibility, offering a plethora of job opportunities across a myriad of sectors. Culture vultures will find themselves spoilt for choice with the array of museums, galleries, and theatres showcasing the best of human creativity and expression. And for those whose social calendars are always full, the city beats with a rhythm of endless nights out, networking events, and cultural festivals, ensuring the social tapestry is as colourful and vibrant as the city itself.

Urban Challenges: The Trade-offs

However, the allure of urban living comes with its own set of challenges. The cost of immersing oneself in the city life can be steep, with housing prices that demand a hefty portion of one’s income. The incessant soundtrack of urbanity — cars honking, construction sites buzzing, and the murmur of crowds — can be overwhelming, a far cry from the tranquillity of rural silence. Space, a commodity taken for granted in the countryside, becomes a luxury here, with apartments often offering a more compact living experience than the expansive homes found beyond the city limits.

Considerations for Your Lifestyle

Jamie Johnson, CEO of FJP Investment, captures the essence of this decision beautifully: “Choosing where to live transcends the simple act of selecting a location; it’s about defining the lifestyle you aspire to lead and the role you wish to play within your community.” The choice between the serene countryside and the bustling cityscape is not merely about geographic preference but reflects deeper desires about one’s lifestyle, aspirations, and the kind of community one yearns to be part of.

Where to Call Home?

Planning for Family and the Future

For those charting the course of their family life or laying down plans for the future, this decision encompasses more than personal preference. It involves sculpting the environment that will serve as the backdrop for your family’s growth, development, and happiness. Urban settings offer a kaleidoscope of educational opportunities, cultural exposure, and community diversity, while rural environments boast close-knit communities and the nurturing embrace of nature. This choice becomes a cornerstone in planning not just for the immediate, but for the long-term future of your loved ones.

The Financial Equation

When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of it all, your financial landscape plays a crucial role in this decision. The exhilaration of city life often comes with a price tag that demands careful financial planning and sacrifices, given the higher cost of living. On the other hand, the countryside may offer more attractive property prices and a lower cost of living, albeit with considerations around commuting costs and potentially limited job opportunities. Weighing your budget against your lifestyle aspirations and needs is key to finding a sustainable and fulfilling living arrangement.

Finding Your Perfect Match

Embarking on the journey to find your ideal living environment is a quest for a place that feels like home, where every day brings you closer to living the life you’ve envisioned. It’s a deeply personal choice, influenced by a tapestry of factors including lifestyle preferences, family considerations, and financial circumstances. Whether your heart is drawn to the pastoral serenity of the countryside or the electrifying energy of urban life, the ultimate goal is to find a space where you feel you truly belong, where you can flourish and craft the chapters of your life’s story. In the end, isn’t the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment what we’re all striving for?


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