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A Guide to Year-Round Home Maintenance

The changing seasons bring a unique charm and set of challenges to homeowners in the UK. With each season, our homes require different types of care to maintain their beauty, efficiency, and comfort. Let’s embark on a seasonal journey, exploring practical tips and maintenance tasks to keep your home in tip-top shape all year round.

Spring: Revitalisation and Renewal

Welcome to spring – a season synonymous with rejuvenation and fresh starts. The sun, now on a warmer course, coaxes the earth back to life, presenting an ideal time for us to infuse our homes with renewed vigour. Here’s your spring checklist:


  • Lawn: It’s time for your garden to emerge from its winter slumber. Address those bare patches with fresh seeding, enrich the soil with a hearty dose of spring fertiliser, and set in motion a regular mowing schedule. This will not only enhance the lushness of your lawn but also prepare it for the summer ahead.
  • Tree and Shrub Pampering: Nature’s sentinels, your trees and shrubs, need attention too. Carefully trim any branches that have grown too bold over the winter and lovingly prune your flowering shrubs after they’ve had their bloom. This not only maintains their shape and beauty but also promotes healthier, more robust growth.


  • Fresh Air: With the milder weather of spring, seize the opportunity to let the fresh air into your living spaces. This simple act can significantly reduce indoor pollutants and fill your home with the invigorating essence of spring.
  • Vent Vigilance: A thorough inspection and cleaning of your home’s ventilation system are crucial. Ensure that all vents are free of obstructions and that filters are replaced as necessary. This will ensure optimal air quality and circulation, a must for healthy living.
  • Mould and Moisture: The remnants of winter moisture can lead to unwelcome guests like mould and damp spots. Identify these issues, treat them effectively, and take preventative measures to avoid future occurrences.

Additional Spring Suggestions

Pest Patrol: With the rise in temperatures, unwelcome pests begin to stir. Regularly inspect your home for any signs of infestation. Ensure food is stored correctly and consider early pest control measures to nip potential problems in the bud.

Allergy Alleviation: Spring also heralds the arrival of pollen, a nemesis for allergy sufferers. Take the time to deep clean carpets, curtains, and upholstery to rid them of allergens. Integrating air purifiers into your home can also help in creating a more allergen-free environment.


As the UK basks in the warm embrace of summer, our homes become havens for relaxation and outdoor festivities. It’s a season filled with vibrant life and energy, inviting us to make the most of our outdoor spaces. Here’s how to ensure your home is summer-ready:


Summer is synonymous with outdoor living, making it essential to spruce up your patios and decks. Start by giving them a thorough cleaning to wash away any remnants of spring. Inspect the structure for stability and signs of wear – repair any damage to avoid any mishaps during your summer gatherings. Adding a fresh coat of paint or sealant can not only protect your decking but also give it a new lease of life. As for outdoor furniture, a good clean and maybe new cushions or a touch of paint can transform your outdoor area into a stylish summer retreat.

Home Maintenance

Pool and Grill Readiness

For those lucky enough to have a pool, summer is the prime time to enjoy it. Ensure it’s sparkling clean, the water chemistry is balanced, and the filters are working efficiently. Regular maintenance will keep it inviting and safe throughout the season. And let’s not forget the cornerstone of summer – the barbecue grill. Whether you’re a charcoal traditionalist or a gas grill aficionado, a thorough cleaning and safety check are essential. Stock up on supplies, and you’re ready for impromptu BBQ parties and alfresco dining.

Pest Control Continues

  • Preventive Practices: The warmth of summer can also bring unwanted guests in the form of pests. Take proactive measures by ensuring your bins are tightly sealed and leftovers are stored securely. Explore natural repellents, like citronella candles or essential oils, to deter common nuisances like ants and mosquitoes. These measures not only maintain a pest-free zone but also contribute to a healthier, chemical-free environment.
  • Garden Guardian: Your garden, in full bloom, might attract various pests. Keep an eye out for any harmful insects and tackle them with eco-friendly solutions. Encouraging natural predators, like ladybirds for aphid control, or using non-toxic sprays can protect your garden without harming the ecosystem.

Additional Summer Strategies

  • Water: With the sun beating down, keeping your garden lush and green requires a smart watering strategy. Consider installing an irrigation system for efficient watering, or use water butts to collect rainwater, offering an eco-friendly solution during dry spells. This not only conserves water but also ensures your plants remain hydrated and healthy.
  • Lighting: As summer evenings stretch longer, outdoor lighting becomes an essential aspect of home décor and safety. Check that all your lights are functioning correctly. Strategically placed solar lights can add a magical touch to your garden, illuminating pathways and highlighting features without adding to your energy bill.
  • Secure While You Soak: With summer often synonymous with holidays, it’s crucial to consider the security of your home. Ensure all locks are functioning, alarms are set, and, if available, smart security devices are operational. This gives you peace of mind to fully relax and enjoy your summer, whether you’re lounging at home or away on a well-deserved break.

Autumn: Preparing for the Chill

As autumn paints the landscape in warm hues, it’s time to prepare for the colder months:

  • Gutter and Roof: Regularly clear gutters of leaves and inspect your roof for any damage to ward off winter leaks.
  • Heating System Health Check: Service your heating systems and fireplaces, ensuring they’re ready for the cold.

Garden and Exterior Adjustments

  • Plant Protection: Mulch and shelter sensitive plants from the cold.
  • Illuminate the Dark: With shorter days, ensure your outdoor lighting is adequate.

Additional Autumn Actions

  • Insulation Inspection: Check your home’s insulation, including lofts and pipes, to retain warmth.
  • Draft Deterrence: Seal any drafts in windows and doors.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Update your emergency kit and check battery-powered devices like smoke detectors.


“Every season brings its own set of challenges and opportunities, especially for property investors in the UK. It’s about embracing change and being prepared,” says Jamie Johnson, CEO of FJP Investment. Maintaining your home through the seasons not only enhances its value and beauty but also ensures a comfortable, safe living environment. By following these tips, you’ll be ready to embrace each season with confidence and ease.

Remember, your home is more than just a structure; it’s a living, breathing space that adapts and changes with you and the seasons. Embrace each change, and your home will continue to be a source of joy and comfort, year after year.


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