FJP Investment making the most of technology in Finance

Audioboom is a website, an iPhone OS and an Android application which allows users to post and share sound files on the Audioboom website. Users are then able to embed their sound files within their websites.

“Facebook, Youtube, Twitter are all very important in business. But it is important to keep adapting and moving with the market. We heard about Audioboom a while back and love the simplicity of embedding the content straight into our website and not only that it looks good” said Roberts of FJP Investment.

Technology is fundamental to that task at which FJP Investment is trying to achieve. The business operates in the area of matching property investments to a global audience of investors seeking wealth generation opportunities. We have a long track record in delivering quality investments and our client list speaks volumes for where we are today.


Audioboom currently has 7.8 million unique users as of July 26th 2013.

“We have the ability to provide snippets of information in an exciting manner. Audioboom has been fantastic for our business and we are constantly receiving positive feedback from our customers as to how much they enjoy browsing the webs pages on our website containing sound files hosted and embedded via Audioboom”

With initial investment from Channel 4’s technology innovation fund, 4iP, Audioboom has received further backing from UBC Media, Imagination Technologies – which will incorporate the feature on some of its digital radios – and the former Oftel chairman Don Cruickshank, who became its chairman.

Technology in Finance

“Audioboo has already changed the way we use audio, now it is going to reinvent the way we think about digital radio,” said our panel. “It is a fascinating piece of new technology, Audioboom has been and continues to be a marketing success story on our part” added Tom Roberts of FJP Investment.

Audioboom’s CEO, Rob Proctor, said: “The introduction of new technologies is allowing people to communicate to the rest of the world in a diverse number of ways, and bloggers are no longer just using text to share their opinions. Visual and audio platforms have emerged as equally creative and viable tools to create blog content, and arguably these mediums make it much easier to tell a story while on the move”.

Equally as important, we believe that investors should be given access to reviews and feedback from existing clients of FJP Investment. With this in mind we have added a page for you to find FJP investment reviews.

“FJP Investment is constantly seeking new and improved ideas for bringing our knowledge and products to the market in the most unique and informative way, Audioboo serves its purpose and delivers results for us”.


Finance Internship Program Announced by FJP Investment Ltd

FJP Investment Ltd today announced an internship program in London, where students will have the opportunity to learn on the job through an internship with business leaders in the city. 

The summer internship program provides a 10- to 12-week hands-on experience that helps students gain a deeper understanding of client liaison when dealing with financial products. During the internships, the students will also attend several conferences and events in the London area, including meet-and-greets with industry experts.

We as a company are always looking for the best talent, it is often when the youngsters come in, raw and eager to learn that they can be trained to be the best brokers in the industry. FJP Investment is a leading investor in talent and we have one of the best equipped property brokerages in the industry.

According to Tom Roberts, Marketing Manager of FJP Investment Ltd,

“Business and Finance students are receiving top training at colleges and universities around the country, but the one thing they need more, is real-life working skills. Our student Intern program gives students an opportunity to interact with City Brokers, Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Experts.  It’s a fantastic way for them to test drive their skills and build their life skills for further development”.

FJP’s Intern curriculum includes an orientation to the goals and mission of the company, an overview of the objectives of the clients, tips on how to progress in the financial world, and ideas on how to get started in terms of further studies.

The business is built upon solid foundations, our clients have come to realise that our property investments in the UK are selected with longevity in mind.

“Here at FJP Investment Ltd we are very much looking forward to getting our first interns through the door and giving back to the community, we will ensure each and every intern has all their questions answered” added Roberts.

FJP Investment – founded with one simple goal in mind, to provide Investors with strong, sustainable and safe asset based investments, through 1st class intelligent advice.

We encourage you to contact us today to find out what we can do for you. If it is overseas property or investing in car parks that you seek, we are here to service your needs.


FJP Investment launches Student Accommodation Investment

Most people associate buy-to-let investment with the purchase of one or two-bedroom flats and trying to make single figure returns on the residential rental market.

However savvy investors now associate UK property investment with the rapidly emerging student accommodation sector which is providing extremely healthy returns.

Recent research carried out by buy-to-let mortgage specialist Paragon Mortgages shows that students generated the highest yields for landlords in 2011.

If you are an investor pondering where you should be investing, you will be pleased to know that FJP Investment sees student accommodation as a hot segment of the property market. You will do very well by investing in the right locations close to colleges and universities.

Student Accommodation Investment

Brunel University Student Accommodation

Brunel University Student Accommodation

Commenting, Nigel Terrington, Paragon Group chief executive, says: “Yields are an important component of a landlord’s overall business plan Student yields typically outperform the wider market because they are let on a per room basis, which can generate higher rental income.”

The fact that UK student accommodation has thrived over the past two years, rapidly outpacing the

UK’s conventional property market has not gone unnoticed. In fact its fast growth and investment strength has been so prolific that in January 2012, The Times ranked student accommodation as the top asset class in the UK’s property market.

Knight Frank’s 2012 student property report added to the accolades, stating: “It has outperformed every other commercial property class and delivered consistent returns throughout the economic downturn.”

“FJP Investment Ltd is pleased to confirm the sale of Student Accommodation to our investor base.  We as a collective our very excited to extend our years of knowledge and expertise in providing a fantastic student accommodation investment to our investors” said Tom Roberts of FJP Investment Ltd.

investors seeking an overseas property investment should make contact with FJP Investments today.

The popularity of student accommodation amongst investors is ultimately driven by consistent occupancy rates of 99% or higher and a structural under-supply.

“£246m has already been invested into the student housing sector during the first quarter of this year” added Roberts.