Pegasus Agriculture Investment

Pegasus Agriculture Group is one of the largest owner’s and operators of commercial Hydroponic Farms in the Middle East and North Africa. Having built over 60 hectares of hydroponic farms since inception, Pegasus Agriculture operate an investment vehicle for private retail investors.

With a full 3 year audited track record from an independent auditor, you will learn this is a reliable opportunity to earn an income from for years to come.

As part of the Pegasus Agriculture investment, you will benefit from the off-take agreements in place and the capable team of 150 that currently ensure a quality end product is delivered to market.

Each hectare (10,000 SQM) of hydroponic farm produces between 1,200 to 1,400 tonnes of produce per years compared to traditional agriculture of around 40 tonnes per year.

Pegasus Investment Client Portal

The Pegasus Agriculture Client Portal allows you to view your A-Frame information along with the ability to track the harvest and sale of all the produce grown on your A-Frame.

Pegasus Investment Client Portal

Mahmood Almas, Chairman

Mahmood Almas, Pegasus Agriculture’s founder, owner, and Chairman, has a long family history in the food industry. Now 4 years in the running, Pegasus Agriculture is the result of his efforts to create a global hydroponics company to help countries around the world reduce their reliance on food imports. As Chairman, Mahmood also ensures that the views of major investors are heard.

Mahmood Almas Pegasus Agriculture Group

1 A-Frame

  • 5 year sell back option
  • 12% fixed NET returns
  • Income paid quarterly
  • 14 harvests per year
  • Guaranteed sale of produce

2 A-Frames

  • 5 year sell back option
  • 12% fixed NET returns
  • Income paid quarterly
  • 14 harvests per year
  • Guaranteed sale of produce

3 A-Frames

  • 5 year sell back option
  • 12% fixed NET returns
  • Income paid quarterly
  • 14 harvests per year
  • Guaranteed sale of produce

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without the use of soil. It is also known as “soil-less culture”, the word originates from the culture of growing plants in water from the Greek words – hydros meaning water and Ponos meaning work.

In soil, nutrients and water are randomly placed, and often plants need to expel a great deal of energy by growing long roots to find water and nutrients – by expelling this energy, the plants growth is not as fast as it could be.

With hydroponics the plants take up more nutrients as those grown in soil, because the root is only submerged in water and nutrients, this means the plants growth rate is 300 times faster

Plants absorb nutrients as ions in water.

The plants will not absorb the correct nutrient unless the “E.C” Electrical Conductivity and PH level is correctly balanced within the water meaning, that the alkalinity and acidity is satisfactory. It is possible to say almost any plant will grow with hydroponics techniques.

It is also important to understand that plants grown in hydroponics are no different to plants grown in soil, as they will have the same physiology however have more nutrients therefore growing at a faster rate and bigger in size.

What is grown?

Almost Everything.

Lettuce, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, vine tomatoes, herbs, rocket, parsley, basil, strawberries, thyme, rice, wheat, potatoes, capsicum, cucumbers.

Hydroponic Facts

  1. Uses 80% less water than traditional agriculture
  2. No diseases
  3. No pesticides
  4. 300% quicker growth cycle
  5. 30% more nutrients than traditional agriculture
  6. 25 days from seed to a full size ice berg lettuce
  7. Yields 1000% more produce from the same amount of land as traditional agriculture
  8. Locally produced
  9. No imports
  10. Produced at a fraction of the cost of traditional agriculture

Key Features

  • Fixed purchase price for your produce
  • 12% Fixed net profit per annum
  • Quarterly payments directly to you
  • Guaranteed sale of the produce harvested from your A-frame through an off-take agreement
  • Peace of mind
  • Allows for better planning
  • First profits after 3 months
  • Open market trading

more produce in the same hectare of land.


less water used in Hydroponics ensuring food security.

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