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Outstanding Returns Achieved by Investors of High Street Group

Our investors are pleased again! Investors have been paid from the High Street Group their investment capital plus an 18% return in just 11 months.

This is the seventh successful loan note, all of which have been paid back to investors in full. The High Street Group have raised over £50 million and paid it all back plus the investors return of 15 to 20% depending on the project.

With the continued updates and level of security that the company offers, we are delighted to work with the High Street Group to provide you with fantastic investment opportunities.

Investors take comfort from a regulated trustee being in place to represent the investors interests. The debenture over The High Street Group’s assets is valued at £68 million. This is used as collateral should a default occur. The High Street Group’s business model has never defaulted and our investors are keen to learn more about the next opportunity.

High Street Group

The High Street Group have also benefitted with the latest certified assets and liabilities sheet doubling from £34 million to £68 million in the previous 12 months.

Grainger PLC and APG acquired the High Street Group’s site in Milton Keynes for £30.5 million, buying all loan note investors our last Spring.

The company recently broke ground and started construction on a project in Newcastle city centre; Hadrians Tower – the city’s tallest building providing 162 apartments across 26 floors.

Jamie Johnson of FJP Investment said “well done to our investors, we couldn’t be more delighted to pick up the phone and share with you the great news. The response from our investors has been truly amazing and we are so proud of the work we are doing together”.

The High Street Group have proven themselves to be a fantastic partner of FJP Investment. They are reliable and have delivered time and time again for our investors.

The High Street Group are working with some of the biggest blue chips having recently sold developments to the likes of Grainger PLC, Aberdeen Asset Management and Cording Real Estate Group.

Blue Chip Companies

Gary Forrest, Chairman of The High Street Group said “We would like to thank our valued loan note investors introduced to us by FJP Investment. We hope you are pleased with your returns and we very much look forward to working with you on future projects”.

With current projects in the region of £1 billion, the High Street Group is showing no signs of slowing down its rapid growth. The High Street Group utilises funds received from investors to purchase sites with full planning permission. The PRS scheme is the focus of their developments.

The company has over 3,000 properties in the pipeline and under construction, with many opportunities for investors to come and invest with the High Street Group. The company is now in as better position as ever to capture significant loan note investments.

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