FJP Investment – White Label

  • What is it?

    FJP Investment White Label is the opportunity for individuals and companies anywhere in the world to partner with us and sell our investment products using our branding.

  • Why White Label?

    We chose to use the White Label name because it allows us to scale the FJP Investment brand, and introduce our company to new investors and fresh markets without having to physically be there.

  • Why you should partner with FJP Investment?

    We have built our brand over a period of the last 5 years, you instantly have the credibility of representing a proven provider of investment opportunities.

    We meet brokers constantly; very succesfull brokers who want to go it alone but don’t have the time and resources to dedicate to building a brand such as FJP. By partnering with us at  FJP Investment, you would have the opportunity to approach investors as a representative of the company and offer our portfolio of award winning investments.

  • What about tools?

    Fully functional CRM – this allows you to manage your contacts, send emails to them, manage note keeping and many other tools.

    Email templates via the CRM for you to send to your contacts regarding any investments you want to introduce to them.

    Your own email address along with email signatures in keeping with the branding of FJP.

    Letter-headed paper along with the business card template for FJP Investment.

    VOIP Phone which allows you to call your contacts using the company telephone number.

Become a Property Investment Broker


Commission payouts once a week, every week.

The White Label approach – gives you the full support and backing of FJP Investment, allowing you to focus on finding investors.

Our commitment is to you and your clients. Both benefiting from the full support of our administration team.

Partner with us today - FJP Investment White Label