Why do investors invest in airport parking spaces? – Aston Darby Analysed

For years now the UK has attracted investors looking to invest in airport parking spaces from both domestic and international speculators. There is one particular sector which has gained momentum and shows no sign of slowing down, investors invest in airport parking spaces because of the high yields and the limited time and effort required to manage the asset.

Of course, there is a variety of reasons as to why this particular asset class is able to stand head and shoulders above the other niche sectors such as hotel rooms, care homes, student accommodation and others.

Invest in Airport Parking Spaces

Invest in Airport Parking Spaces

The big question we want to answer is:

Why do investors invest in airport parking spaces?

Everybody understands the need for parking in prime locations, the concept is actually simple and there is no re-inventing of the wheel so to speak. This type of investment is all about taking an asset which requires some work and then adding value by redevelopment. Stable and in-demand sites such as airport car parks are prime for property developers to do what they do best.

There are many companies operating in this space because of the high rental demand from end users wanting to park their cars. Where there is demand there will be a service which needs to be provided.

Having years of experience and a track record when it comes to managing property based investments is where Leigh Heywood and the team at Aston Darby come in. There are a partner of FJP Investment and we introduce investors to them who then go on to purchase individual parking spaces on a buy-to-let basis.

Aston Darby have started their first car park investment in March 2017 which sold out in a short period of time and they have since gone on to manage their second and exclusively owned airport car park at Glasgow International Airport. They have there eyes firmly on expansion and will shortly be announcing the launch of car park investments at Newcastle and Edinburgh airports.

With a high yield and a competitive product coupled with excellent customer service – it certainly makes for a recipe for success especially when you have scalability in the sense of taking on new sites across multiple airports throughout the United Kingdom.

Aston Darby Car Park Investment

Aston Darby Car Park Investment

Aston Darby are constantly looking at car parks and conducting feasibility studies to ensure that the model is one that has a high chance of success when put in front of an investor.

Sites which have the right number of spaces along with existing planning permission is particularly important when it comes to selecting the right car park investment.

Investors are paid a fixed return for the first two years and they then switch to a scheme where they get an equal share in all of the profits and the actual returns are based on the entire car park itself. If you are looking to invest in airport parking spaces then you can certainly make contact with FJP Investment and we will provide a detailed reason for why you should be considering this as an option.

The reason investors are particularly interested in investing in car parking spaces is because they get a title deed just like they would purchasing any other property. The title deed is the absolute guarantee that what the investor is purchasing is his and owned by him or her. Glasgow airport has a regular update on passenger numbers and it clearly shows that with 52 months of consecutive growth, our airport car park is very much in demand.

How do you invest in airport parking spaces?

The background of the management team behind the Aston Darby car park investment is somewhat impressive. The team are from a property investment background and have sold and developed hundreds of millions of pounds worth of UK and International property developments. This experience automatically translates to car park investments as it is a simple case of taking an under-utilised property asset and adding value by improvement.

Investors are able to learn more about Aston Darby and invest in airport parking by registering their interest here.