benefits of hydroponics pegasus agriculture group

Hydroponic Investments – Pegasus Agriculture – Definitive Guide

The coming years are expected to be exciting times for hydroponic investments. The company is taking on new projects, opening additional agricultural production locations and generally expanding operations across all of its international locations, due to strong demand for our investment products.

Middle East

The company has been working on expanding its holdings in Oman, in response to huge demand from local markets. This expansion will take the form of an additional 1000 A-frames. This equates to some 4 hectares, or 8 greenhouses worth.

New off take agreements are expected to be signed on a monthly basis to support the vast expansion. The company will be hiring and training a new group of agricultural engineering specialists as part of its preparation for the upcoming expansions.

Pegasus Agriculture’s Dubai branch will also be testing out a new vertical packing machine, which is expected to raise the shelf-life of produce to 21 days, the vertical packing machine can package some 30-60 bags of produce per minute. If the mechanism proves a success, the company will then install multiple lines in 2017.

Pegasus Agriculture is currently in the process of building a 178,000 square meter hydroponic farm in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The company is also diversifying its produce base: it will expand to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum and animal fodder. This is part of its plan to become even more marketable on a global scale.

benefits of hydroponics pegasus agriculture group


Pegasus Agriculture has secured 12 hectares of land from the Portuguese Municipality, in an area known as Pepa Proeça-a-nova, to be developed into a new hydroponic farm.

The company expects to have 1 hectare operational in the very near future, adding an additional hectare every 6 months after that.

The move will allow Pegasus Agriculture to take advantage of European markets; selling produce in the region during the winter months, and delivering it to Middle Eastern markets during the summer.

Moreover, the U.S. is expected to establish a trade deal with the E.U., which would open up new opportunities for the company.


Pegasus Agriculture also intends to embark on a new project in Fiji, making use of some 4 – 5 hectares of land on one of the islands for the purpose of agricultural production.

The island itself is relatively remote and isolated and is regularly subject to extreme weather events such as cyclones. This makes it an ideal location for the company to pursue its mission of helping at-risk regions establish and maintain a certain level of food security.

The development will be solar powered and indoors and will help give back to the local community by providing a cheap alternative to the unusually expensive imported foodstuffs upon which the locals currently rely on.

Hydroponic Investments

Hydroponic Investments


Pegasus Agriculture has also announced plans to construct a large hydroponic facility in Florida, U.S.A. The company has signed a 15 year lease on 77 acres of land in the area, with an option to extend the lease by an additional 15 years at the end of the contract. The move is designed to give the company access to North American markets, in an area that has been plagued by climate change.

It is well known that the U.S. in general, Florida specifically, has been plagued by the effects of climate change over the last few years, which has led to a decrease in crop production, Pegasus Agriculture believes that their hydroponic investments will develop technology that will remedy this, and help assure regional food security over the long term.

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Pegasus Agriculture Hydroponic Investments in Oman

Hydroponic Investments

We see no reason why this concept cannot work in cities all over the world with the benefits of Hydroponics being lauded everywhere we turn, the purpose of hydroponics is to facilitate farming anywhere in the world, even in the dry desert.

Hydroponic farming is able to multiply the crop in many folds and meet the demand of growing populations around the world.

During the next few years we will surely see rapid expansion from Pegasus Agriculture Group.