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Why do investors invest in airport parking spaces? – Aston Darby Analysed

For years now the UK has attracted investors looking to invest in airport parking spaces from both domestic and international speculators. There is one particular sector which has gained momentum and shows no sign of slowing down, investors invest in airport parking spaces because of the high yields and the limited time and effort required to manage the asset.

Of course, there is a variety of reasons as to why this particular asset class is able to stand head and shoulders above the other niche sectors such as hotel rooms, care homes, student accommodation and others.

Invest in Airport Parking Spaces

Invest in Airport Parking Spaces

The big question we want to answer is:

Why do investors invest in airport parking spaces?

Everybody understands the need for parking in prime locations, the concept is actually simple and there is no re-inventing of the wheel so to speak. This type of investment is all about taking an asset which requires some work and then adding value by redevelopment. Stable and in-demand sites such as airport car parks are prime for property developers to do what they do best.

There are many companies operating in this space because of the high rental demand from end users wanting to park their cars. Where there is demand there will be a service which needs to be provided.

Having years of experience and a track record when it comes to managing property based investments is where Leigh Heywood and the team at Aston Darby come in. There are a partner of FJP Investment and we introduce investors to them who then go on to purchase individual parking spaces on a buy-to-let basis.

Aston Darby have started their first car park investment in March 2017 which sold out in a short period of time and they have since gone on to manage their second and exclusively owned airport car park at Glasgow International Airport. They have there eyes firmly on expansion and will shortly be announcing the launch of car park investments at Newcastle and Edinburgh airports.

With a high yield and a competitive product coupled with excellent customer service – it certainly makes for a recipe for success especially when you have scalability in the sense of taking on new sites across multiple airports throughout the United Kingdom.

Aston Darby Car Park Investment

Aston Darby Car Park Investment

Aston Darby are constantly looking at car parks and conducting feasibility studies to ensure that the model is one that has a high chance of success when put in front of an investor.

Sites which have the right number of spaces along with existing planning permission is particularly important when it comes to selecting the right car park investment.

Investors are paid a fixed return for the first two years and they then switch to a scheme where they get an equal share in all of the profits and the actual returns are based on the entire car park itself. If you are looking to invest in airport parking spaces then you can certainly make contact with FJP Investment and we will provide a detailed reason for why you should be considering this as an option.

The reason investors are particularly interested in investing in car parking spaces is because they get a title deed just like they would purchasing any other property. The title deed is the absolute guarantee that what the investor is purchasing is his and owned by him or her. Glasgow airport has a regular update on passenger numbers and it clearly shows that with 52 months of consecutive growth, our airport car park is very much in demand.

How do you invest in airport parking spaces?

The background of the management team behind the Aston Darby car park investment is somewhat impressive. The team are from a property investment background and have sold and developed hundreds of millions of pounds worth of UK and International property developments. This experience automatically translates to car park investments as it is a simple case of taking an under-utilised property asset and adding value by improvement.

Investors are able to learn more about Aston Darby and invest in airport parking by registering their interest here.


Aston Darby Car Park Investment Review

We all understand the necessity for finding space to park our cars, we also understand the convenience of being able to park our cars at the airport when we go away on holidays or business trips. There is a property developer based in Bolton called Aston Darby which we have been working with for about six months, this company has succesfully launched airport car park investments at Manchester and Glasgow. The Manchester site is already sold out and the Glasgow site has a few hundred spaces remaining.

Future releases – Aston Darby

Aston Darby are working on a few new sites to add to their existing portfolio of airport car parks. These sites confirmed are Newcastle Airport and Edinburgh Airport and we are expecting the release of these once we have sold out on the remaining spaces at Glasgow International Airport.

Aston Darby Car Park Investment Review

Investors are able to purchase individual parking spaces in the car park at Harbour Road, Glasgow Airport for £25,000 each. Investors then sub lease the parking spaces back to Aston Darby who in turn go out and manage the car park for the first two years. The investors are Guaranteed 11% return for the first three years (was previously two years) and there are a whole raft of measures in place such as the investor becoming a shareholder within the management company – options to vote on how your car park is managed such as electing the security company, electing the cleaning service provider etc etc.

By becoming a shareholder within the management company, you along with all of the other investors retain control of the asset – if you are not happy with something, it’ll be put to a vote and collectively you would be able to vote on what you want to happen. Retaining control of the management company is somewhat revolutionary as it ultimately gives you the power to decide what happens and you then have the management company act upon your wishes.

When making your purchase at £25,000 you will also have access to a recent Valuation Report which came in above the £30,000 mark – thus you are acquiring the spaces BMV (Below Market Value).

All investment is specifically assigned to a car park space. Each investor will be a director of the management company and will control the team to maximise the returns from their ownership of the car parking space.

All profits will be paid direct and there will be no third party taking a share.

International airports across the globe are facilitating unprecedented growth in their associated car parks owing to high increasing passenger numbers. Frost & Sullivan now estimate that the airport car parking provision is a £80bn industry supported by commercial and private investment.

Full title deed is provided to the investor with a 175 year lease.

Highlights of the Airport Parking Investment

  • Existing airport car park acquired.
  • Planning permission granted.
  • Redevelopment investment of £1m to build a state-of-the-art fully automated car park facility.
  • Operating Glasgow Airport passenger shuttle service – car park to terminals.
  • 1 mile and 3 minutes drive to Airport.
  • Full 24 hour Security System and CCTV.
  • RICs valuation.
  • Each car park space has HM Land Registry.

What to do next? – how to invest in airport parking

Deciding to find out more about airport parking investments is the first step in your journey to becoming a Landlord of a parking space at an airport. Aston Darby are a great developer with a great management team in place to see the job through – full information about Aston Darby and this car park investment can be found on the Car Park Investment page.


High Street Group Investment Review

We recently announced the launch of our partnership with The High Street Group – FJP Investment is now introducing our valuable investors to the loan note investments that The High Street Group have to offer. We want to spend some time explaining our High Street Group investment review which is currently on the table for investors to consider.

The High Street Group was started by Gary Forrest in 2006. Mr. Forest is a very well-known name within the financial industry and has done a considerable number of great projects over the years, before Mr. Forest founded The High Street Group he was the former head of G Mac and City Finance.

The High Street Group originally started out by providing bridging loans to developers during the credit crunch, moving then into property developments as the finance markets opened up. Gary Forrest is a proven guy with a proven track record of delivering the bigger projects and has been for over a long period of time.

  • 26 Million Profit for the group in 2016
  • Current GDV of Groups Projects – £320 Million
  • Partnerships with some of the UK’s largest blue chip Asset Management Companies
  • Award winning developer
  • Proven track record in PRS, residential, hotel and student markets
  • Security Trustee in place with first charge over groups assets
  • Short Term Exit with provable delivery of returns similar notes over the last 12 months
  • 18% Returns to investors in 18 months

High Street Group Investment Review

The High Street Group is focussed on development projects and rental units in both the commercial and residential sectors. The company is aiming to raise £10 Million from the issue of the loan note investment.

The minimum entry into the investment is set at £25,000 and investors are able to invest in increments of £1,000 from there.

The trustee in place is for investor security is the Castle Trust Group who have been based in Gibraltar for the last 20 years. The trustee is in place to protect the investor as they hold the Debenture over The High Street Group and also the Corporate Guarantee.

The loan notes mature 10 days after 18 months from the date of the initial investment.

This particular investment is only available for direct investment by institutional investors, professional investors, sophisticated high net worth individuals or companies.

Loan Note Review

The High Street Group is issuing the 18 month loan note to provide equity for the delivery of its Private Rental Sector schemes and Rooftop Development opportunities.

This particular loan note is issued to provide investors with 2 options:

Option 1: The Capital Growth loan note will pay an interest of 18% over 18 months.
Option 2: The Income Generating loan note will pay an interest of 15% over 18 months, with 5% being paid every 6 months.

The High Street Group also provide investors within the loan note with monthly updates on all ongoing and potential projects.

Example: Capital Growth Loan Note (18%)

  • Investment
  • £25,000
  • £100,000
  • £150,000
  • £250,000
  • £500,000
  • Return (18 months)
  • £29,500
  • £118,000
  • £177,000
  • £295,000
  • £590,000

Example: Income Loan Note (15%)

  • Investment
  • £25,000
  • £100,000
  • £150,000
  • £250,000
  • £500,000
  • 6 months 5%
  • £1,250
  • £5,000
  • £7,500
  • £12,500
  • £25,000
  • 12 months 5%
  • £1,250
  • £5,000
  • £7,500
  • £12,500
  • £25,000
  • 18 months 5%
  • £1,250
  • £5,000
  • £7,500
  • £12,500
  • £25,000
  • Total
  • £28,750
  • £115,000
  • £172,500
  • £287,500
  • £575,000

The returns are extremely attractive and the investment is accessible with the minimum investment being £25,000 – when we set out with this High Street Group investment review, we deployed all of our knowledge and experience from the last 5 years of working as FJP Investment, we have seen a lot of opportunities come along over the years and we feel we are in a position to research whether an opportunity is a good one or not for our investors old and new.

We believe The High Street Group is a solid option for investors to consider, the security is as good as it gets and the returns are up there with the best!

For more information about this opportunity, please visit this page and register your details.


The High Street Group Investment Opportunity – Launched

It is with great pleasure we can announce the official launch of The High Street Group loan note investment.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how and what this launch can benefit you the investor, we would firstly like to take the opportunity to wish you a very happy new year!

It has been a great start to the year already and it is often seen as a time for reflection.

This summer, June 2018 will see FJP Investment reach the 5th anniversary – this is something we are immensely proud of and ultimately we couldn’t have done it without our clients. Our investors are extremely valuable to us and ultimately determine whether we are successful or not. On behalf of everyone at FJP Investment we would like to thank each and every one of our you and we hope 2018 will be an amazing year for you all.

The High Street Group – Investment

The High Street Group is one of the UK’s most successful privately owned businesses, it operates companies in property investment and development, financial services and claims, offering expertise and opportunities across multiple sectors.

The company is based in the North East of England in Newcastle.

While many of our investors will have already heard of The High Street Group (we had a soft launch late 2017 to existing clients only) it is now the time to introduce HSG to the market, via our website – why you should consider this opportunity……

We come across opportunities all the time, just this morning I have taken 3 calls from individuals wanting to introduce their products to clients of FJP Investment. The vast majority we decline, quite literally in the region of 97%, it takes a very special product for us to put our name to representing and introducing to our investors – this we are proud to do so in the case of The High Street Group.

The High Street Group Westminster Works in Birmingham

Westminster Works – Birmingham

HSG – High Street Group – was started in 2006 by leading finance professional Gary Forrest. The company is in a solid position and has a current GDV (Gross Development Value) of £320 Million with a defined history of paying investors on-time and in-line with the returns promised.

In 2016 the company made a profit of £26 Million and looks to increase this figure even further for the accounts in 2017.

There is no doubt whatsoever – The High Street Group is a reliable company for FJP Investment to partner with and introduce our investors to.

Loan Note Investment

  • £25,000 entry level
  • £10,000,000. raise
  • Debenture over the groups assets along with a corporate guarantee
  • 15% to 18% ROI
  • 18 month duration

Income Option: The Loan Note will accrue interest from and including the issue date of each Note at the fixed rate of 15 per cent over 18 months with income being paid every 6 months at 5% from the date of initial investment.

Growth Option: The Loan Note will accrue interest from and including the issue date of each Note at the fixed rate of 18 per cent over 18 months. The interest on the Loan Note is payable 10 days after 18 months from the initial investment.

The High Street Group is issuing this 18 month loan note in order to provide equity for the delivery of their PRS (Private Rental Sector) schemes along with their Rooftop Development opportunities.

The High Street Group has appointed All Saints Living to construct and market what will be Newcastle’s tallest building.

The 82-metre high structure, located on Rutherford Street off St James’ Boulevard, will be made up of 26 storeys and comprise of 162 private rental sectors (PRS) apartments, providing enough space for 456 residents.

The site will house 96 single and 66 twin-bedroomed apartments.

The High Street Group Project in Newcastle Hadrians Tower

Hadrians Tower – Newcastle

Throughout the UK there are thousands of tower blocks which are ripe and ready for building upwards. The High Street Group has a partnership with one of the largest private landlords in the United Kingdom and there is an untapped opportunity to build extensions on tower blocks that are more than say 10 years old.

Getting the planning permission is easy, especially when you go to the planning authorities and demonstrate several tower blocks in the surrounding vicinity that are several floors higher than yours.

The Loan Note model is effective because it allows The High Street Group to access opportunities at scale. It also allows investors to access projects and benefit from high yielding investment returns that would otherwise not be possible.

The investor also benefits from having the debenture over the assets. Meaning, if HSG were to default – the trustee would come in and liquidate in order to recover all investment funds. Much the same as when you take out a mortgage – if you fail to pay your mortgage repayments, the bank has the security of recovering the debt by repossessing the property.

Investment ROI Snapshot

Based on the minimum investment of £25,000 you would make either 15% over 18 months or 18% over 18 month depending on the income option or the growth option that suits you. The income option pays you a 5% return every 6 months VS the growth option which pays you an 18% return at the end of the 18 months.

If you wish to find out more about The High Street Group Loan Note you can do so by registering your interest or calling a member of our team.


Is property the next big thing in the alternative investments market?

With investors having to work a bit harder to find potentially profitable growth opportunities for their money as markets change and political factors such as Brexit hit certain industries, those that diversify their portfolio with alternative investments can enter exciting new fast-paced growth markets that work for them, reflect their passions and complement their overall lifestyle.

The alternative investments market has seen consistently strong levels of growth for years, with global assets in alternatives set to grow to $18.1 trillion by 2020 according to a study by PwC.

There are a huge number of opportunities for investors to consider putting their money toward in the alternative investments market. Perform the right research and partner with an experienced consultancy and it’s possible to uncover lower-risk opportunities with potentially higher returns than those in mainstream industries.

Some of those alternatives opportunities can also be found in the property sector.

Alternative investments in the property sector

There’s a large consensus that the UK housing market has seen better days. Issues such as a dramatic rise in population and a lack of housing has created something of a crisis across the nation, with parties across the political spectrum agreeing that something has to be done urgently to increase the rate of new builds.

Progress is well underway. Builders registered that they planned to build 37,936 homes during the third quarter of 2017, a rise of 9% when compared against the same period last year and the highest third-quarter total since 2007 according to Britain’s National House-Building Council.

It’s the greatest number of homes set to be built in a decade; when adding commercial builds into the equation too, there are a lot of alternative investments and opportunities in property for people to consider putting their money toward.

Property is by far and away one of the favourite mainstream staple investments for British investors, so how could it be classed as an alternative opportunity? Simple; there are a large range of alternative projects on the market today that investors can consider that could potentially be more secure than mainstream property projects and more suited to their lifestyle.

Diversify your portfolio with alternative investments

The trouble a lot of investors have with property though is that not everybody is suited to being a landlord. With experts expecting yet another increase in stamp duty rates to help ease the financial burden on millennials and first-time buyers who are looking for homes, investors can be put off purchasing a second home with the view to taking on paying tenants.

An alternative way of investing can help investors to become part of the property industry without having to worry about the financial burdens of stamp duty, dealing with problem tenants, going through complicated compliance measures and much more besides.

Investing in bond opportunities within the alternative property sector can help investors to back unique projects as well as diversify their portfolios for added security. With various fixed return opportunities available too, investors can potentially grow their savings in ways to supplement their income, ladder their returns, back projects in line with their ethics and more through alternative property.

Investors looking into alternative investments can discover brand new opportunities that align with their values in the property market with help from the consultants at FJP Investments.


Fixed term investment bonds diversify savings in a turbulent economy

With the UK economy displaying signs of volatility as the Brexit talks take hold, could a fixed term investment strategy help to alleviate individual financial concerns and safeguard investors’ interests as part of a diverse portfolio?

Investors looking to growth their wealth in the UK have a lot of Brexit-based challenges to navigate when they want to grow their saving. As negotiations with the EU become more protracted, certain industries stagnate and inflation rises, consumer confidence in domestic stock markets is taking a hit.

That’s not to say things won’t pick up post-Brexit, and with the right research, advice and movements investors can identify potentially profitable opportunities now, if they’re willing to back them during turbulent times.

For investors looking for greater solidity in their investments now though, diversifying a portfolio with fixed term investment bonds could help them potentially profit throughout Brexit and beyond.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 17

Seeking safety with fixed term investment bonds

With Brexit creating such a risky investment landscape across the UK and beyond, what may typically look like a sure bet investment-wise may carry immediate and future risks for investors’ capital that they may not foresee – especially if they like to put their eggs in one basket.

That practice is never wise for any investment opportunity. The healthiest portfolios are typically ones where investors have spread their finances across various industries, with that diversification helping them to build a sustainable income and better manage risk.

A fixed term investment opportunity can be one of the best ways to diversify a portfolio. The idea of diversification though can be worrying for investors; a lot like to stick with what they know and use the benefits of their knowledge and experience to try and generate returns no matter what the financial landscape may look like.

Which is understandable, but could carry a much more acute financial risk than exploring other options. A fixed term investment opportunity for instance isn’t just a way to generate income and supplement other financial strategies through bond laddering and other techniques; it’s also a way to enter new high-growth alternative markets.

Empire Property Holdings Loan Note Photo 16

Greater financial stability with a fixed term investment

Consider a recent forecast by Rabobank that says Brexit uncertainty is likely to hit the UK’s investment and growth potential. “As a consequence of the impact of political uncertainty on investment, the BoE is thus suggesting that the UK is likely to see both higher inflation potential and lower trend growth than would otherwise be the case,” the report states.

Working alongside an experienced financial service with vast experience in the fixed-return and alternative markets can help investors to invest their savings in thoroughly researched, bespoke opportunities that will diversify their portfolios and add a greater degree of security to their investments during troubled times.

FJP Investments’ team of financial experts is dedicated to working alongside investors to help them discover brand new investment opportunities that are bespoke to them, their financial goals and their portfolio.

Contact FJP Investments today to find out more about how a fixed term investment opportunity could help add greater security to your financial portfolio.


Managing risk and reward in your alternative investment portfolio

Despite the growth in interest and the market as a whole, some investors are still wary about putting their money behind an alternative investment, no matter how attractive the proposition may be.

Perhaps it’s the word ‘alternative’ that puts people off. The truth is though that any and every investment opportunity carries some degree of risk, whether alternative or more mainstream. People who make the right moves and thoroughly research a diverse alternative investment portfolio are far more likely to profit than somebody who blindly invests in mainstream stocks, for instance.

The alternative investment market (AIM) is worth £95 billion today with the AIM all-share index out-performing the FTSE 100 and 250 in 2017 alone. UK AIM companies have also created 430,000 jobs and contribute £15 billion to the UK’s GDP.

The market continues to grow at an astonishing rate too, attracting investors from all backgrounds as they look to capitalise on the opportunities that alternatives could provide them. Those who identify the right opportunities and do their research can also build a unique, bespoke alternative investment portfolio that supports their lifestyle, improves their finances and opens them up to new ventures.

The earlier that people consider the alternative investment scene too, the more time and opportunity they have to dabble in and discover new ways to grow their savings, whether it be through a fixed term solution or other financial opening.

The High Street Group Construction

Managing risk potential with the right alternative investment strategy

With interest rates so low for the best part of a decade, it’s been a tough time for savers in the UK who want to grow their cash. The recent rate rise by the Bank of England to 0.5% has been welcomed by some, but for many others it’s still not enough, especially with inflation still relatively high in contrast.

Alternatives could help to fill the gap. Consider saving for a child’s future; putting some money aside regularly in their younger years can be a fantastic way to pay for university fees years down the line, help them buy their first home and even work towards their pension.

Again though, by doing some research and playing the investment game properly (as it where), that nest egg could grow larger by considering some of the opportunities alternatives can provide. That naturally gives a larger window for the future to greater assess markets and the risk they hold, while putting some of that extra capital into entirely new ventures.

At the end of October, a report from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) suggested that the mean amount of cash savings held by 25 to 34-year-olds is £11,000. At the same time the report says that one in five (19%) of 25 to 34-year-olds have no cash savings at all while 30% have cash savings of less than £1,000.

That leaves them with very little room to manoeuvre financially when they’re looking to grow their savings – certainly, it means there is less appetite to experiment. The earlier people start perusing the alternatives market, the greater their chance of building a diverse investment portfolio that better allows them to manage their risk and reward potential.

FJP Investments is dedicated to working with investors looking to explore the alternative investment market, helping them to research, identify opportunities and build a bespoke financial portfolio that works for them. To learn more about alternative property investments, get in touch today.


How can an alternative investment partner benefit female investors?

Financial institutions across the United Kingdom are doing a poor job at connecting with female investors at every stage of the buying journey, according to new research. Not only are those institutions losing out on the income female investors could bring them, it also means that women are missing out on a wealth of potential bespoke alternative investment opportunities.

According to the Kantar Winning Over Women report, financial services organisations are missing out on approximately £130 billion by failing to connect with women through advertising and other channels. By poorly communicating aspects such as ‘trustworthiness’ and ‘dependability’ to women, they’re ultimately seeing lower deposits from that demographic.

The larger knock-on effect though is that, because of that perceived lack of trust in financial institutions, women are missing out on growing their future savings. Aligning with the right alternative investment partner though could help them to discover new financial opportunities that work for them.

All Saints Living project from The High Street Group

How women can improve their finances with an alternative investment partner

The feeling that women are missing out on potential bespoke investment opportunities is exacerbated by research that only 15% of alternative investment teams are female, and that women make up as little as 19% of total roles at alternative managers according to Prequin.

So, what’s the solution? For many in the venture capital industry, a lot of women are assuming the mantle and doing it for themselves, with a study by First Round Capital discovering that women deliver higher returns when it comes to venture capitalism.

Though impressive, it does little for the average female investor who feels isolated when they want the opportunity to grow their funds, increase their pension pots, supplement their income and much more besides; especially for those women who have heard about the potential gains that making an alternative investment can possibly net them.

Female investors who don’t want to put their funds into mainstream assets and are excited about the potential financial opportunities an alternative way of investing can provide for them and their overall lifestyle can learn more about the industry and build a bespoke portfolio with an accessible, experienced and professional financial advisor.

The High Street Group Project in Newcastle Hadrians Tower

Hadrians Tower – Newcastle

Getting educated on alternative investment opportunities

A new report by HM Revenue & Customs has also highlighted why now could be a crucial time for women to invest in an alternative future for a more comfortable retirement.

According to HMRC’s analysis, the gender pensions gap between women and men investing in personal pensions has widened by 16% over the past five years, with 1.66million fewer women contributing to a personal pension.

With wages in the UK not correlating with rising inflation and the Bank of England set to raise rates even further over the next few years, putting money aside and growing their savings can be a tough ask for women unsure of where to put their money.

Building a bespoke portfolio of alternative financial opportunities can help to negate those fears, potentially grow their savings in unique ways, complement their income with fixed term opportunities, invest in industries in line with their ethics and more with the right financial advisor.

FJP Investment is dedicated to working with female investors to help them understand more about the alternative investment scene and potentially grow their savings. Contact our consultants today to find out more.


Act your age: How to build a fixed term investment ladder to suit you

One of the major benefits of researching and putting your savings into a fixed term investment is that it can help supplement income and provide potentially large levels of growth over a certain period of time.

For investors interested in the opportunities provided by a fixed term investment ladder, it’s a strategy that can better complement their overall lifestyle as well as diversifying their investment portfolio.

With the right planning and advice too, a fixed term investment ladder can introduce people to alternative industries and markets they may not have considered before.

A fixed term investment opportunity also suits investors of any type no matter what their experience may be, providing new financial avenues and options for those who take a passive or more active role in their investment portfolios.

A fixed opportunity could also be a good financial move for younger investors looking to build a portfolio and older investors wishing to grow their savings.

Brunel University Student Accommodation

Brunel University Student Accommodation

A fixed term investment is a great place to start

Research is critical when choosing a fixed investment opportunity to discover high-growth areas that make your money work for you.

The benefits are obvious if you make the right moves; a fixed term investment has the potential to provide people with impressive gains as well as allow them to put their money across different venture.

It’s fair to say that there’s a clear generation gap when it comes to investing, though. Millennial investors are seemingly more likely to put their time and money into more alternative avenues such as focusing on the rise in digital cryptocurrency markets.

Younger investors are also more attracted to socially-responsible and ethical investment opportunities, with more than three-quarters of the group aiming to put their money behind projects that offer positive change to the world.

At the same time though, some studies suggest that younger investors can have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the returns they’re likely to receive. Older investors however have more realistic expectations, but with rising interest rates and slow wage growth in the UK, feel pressure to find opportunities sooner rather than later to enhance their savings.

Premium Student Living in Glasgow Scotland

Premium Student Living in Glasgow

How a fixed investment could help with your retirement

According to a recent report from wealth managers UBS, workers in the UK have some of the worst pensions across the entire developed world to look forward to when they retire. The report compared the outlook for 50-year-old women across the globe’s major cities, which suggests that savers may have to look elsewhere to grow their money than traditional institutions.

A fixed term financial opportunity can allow them to do that in creative ways, for older investors looking to start to build a portfolio to more experienced investors who wish to add a bit more to their savings.

The truth is, age and other demographics aside, each and every investor has their own goals, ethics and challenges when they want to build or enhance an investment portfolio. Fixed term opportunities can help them meet those goals, especially if they partner with an experienced consultancy dedicated to providing bespoke fixed term solutions.

FJP Investments is a fixed term investment specialist, helping investors build bespoke and diverse investment portfolio that work for them and their finances. Contact us today to find out more.


3 reasons fixed return investment options might suit your lifestyle

What kind of investment is better for your lifestyle? A long-term investment focusing on serious growth, a fixed return investment for security, short-term opportunities to try and capitalise on immediate returns or other?

There are so many opportunities out there for investors of any and every background to consider. That’s why, for our money, the potential growth opportunities afforded by fixed return investment options are some of the best around, especially as part of a bespoke investment portfolio.

Consider the Schroders Global Investor Study 2016, which surveyed 20,000 end investors in 28 countries to discover more information about individual investor habits. It makes for interesting reading, with Schroders finding that, globally, a majority of investors have unrealistic expectations on their potential returns which is especially true for millennial investors.

Investors aged 36 and above had a desired level of income of 8.4% every year, with millennials expecting 10.2%.

There are also varying short-term investment biases between generations according to the report – overall though, different generations of investors have a demand for income in common, with people mainly investing to boost their pensions and supplement their salaries.

Which is why considering fixed return investment options can be such a good idea for investors looking to get regular returns from their savings on a consistent basis. The truth is that each and every investors’ wants and needs are totally different.

Globe CGI - Empire Property Concepts

Loan Note Investment

Choosing the right fixed return investment can be a bespoke investment opportunity that works for people not just financially, but suits their overall lifestyles, too.

So, what are the advantages of a fixed return investment and how can they benefit people looking to grow their savings in unique ways?

1: A fixed return investment can supplement income

Investors looking to put their savings into a fixed opportunity will be able to find a lot of options to consider on the market. By putting their money into a fixed opportunity such as a bond, their savings have the potential to steadily grow over time, allowing investors to supplement their income in a variety of fixed return projects to provide them with a steady stream of income.

2: It can help introduce investors to alternatives

There are also a lot of fixed return opportunities in the booming alternative investment marketplace. There are various specific alternative industries out there in the marketplace that can offer potentially large fixed returns if the right research is done, trends are identified and followed. That can help investors to diversify their portfolios and align themselves with opportunities more in line with their ethical values.

3: Potentially large growth opportunities with expert advice

Like investors themselves, each and every fixed investment opportunity is different and has its own terms and conditions. Like every investment opportunity too, capital is as much at risk in a fixed return opportunity as any other.

Joseph Locke House Barnsley

Joseph Locke House Barnsley

By partnering with an expert consultancy firm heavily experienced in building bespoke fixed investment solutions for clients though, investors can have access to a well of experience, diversify and build on their investment portfolio with fixed opportunities that reflect their personal and professional lifestyles.

Find out more about the benefits of fixed return investments by speaking to FJP Investments’ expert team of consultants today.